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Automate compliance and streamline security reviews with the leading trust management platform. Vanta helps SaaS businesses of all sizes manage risk and prove security in real time.

The security and compliance platform trusted by more than 5,000 customers.
How does Vanta work?

Vanta automates up to 90% of the work for security and privacy frameworks

Real-time monitoring

Know the state of your security posture right now with hourly tests. Receive alerts when something looks off and use our two-way task-tracker integrations to stay on top of fixes.

Holistic risk visibility

Gain a single view across the key risk surfaces in your business: your employees, assets, vendors, and more. Use our pre-built integrations or the Vanta API to make sure the picture is complete. Because you can’t secure what you can’t see.

Efficient audits

Save time going back-and-forth with a seamless audit process. We make auditor selection a breeze and enable them to complete your audit completely within Vanta.

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Build a flexible and comprehensive compliance program


Monitor and secure the tools your business relies on


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Questionnaire Automation

Establish trust by proactively sharing your security program

Why Vanta?

Build trust,
Build business

Accelerate Growth

Vanta automates 25% more evidence than any other solution. By getting compliant faster, you can close deals sooner.


Vanta helps you easily maintain compliance, freeing up your engineering and security teams from ongoing program management.

Mitigate Risk

Vanta goes beyond check-the-box solutions by helping you manage your top risk surfaces, like employee app access and vendor security.

Build Trust

Vanta helps you improve and prove your security so you can win more deals, shorten sales cycles, and deepen relationships.


We talk compliance
in your language


Get the most in-demand frameworks in weeks, not months


Prove your security to customers and close more deals.

ISO 27001

Sell at home and abroad with a globally recognized standard.


Protect health information to maintain trust in your brand.


Demonstrate your commitment to data privacy.


Comply with all US state data privacy laws with one framework.

Custom Frameworks

Frameworks built around your custom controls and policies.


We scale with you
at every stage


Secure new deals, validate market fit, and reach the milestones you need to unlock funding.

Hyper Growth

Enter - and win - new markets with a security compliance program that adapts to your changing needs.


Drive efficiency in your security program and reduce risk with better visibility into your people, vendors, and assets.


Learn why we're rated the leading security compliance solution by over 5,000 customers. Leader, year after year

Vanta is more than compliance. We’re the leading trust management platform that gives you full visibility into your risks and helps you fix issues in a way that builds trust.

“Vanta guided us through a process that we had no experience with before. We didn't even have to think about the audit process - it became straightforward, and we got SOC 2 Type II compliant in just a few weeks.”

Shane Curran, CEO & Founder



Learn about Vanta and trust management


Compliance Automation

Demonstrating security compliance with a framework like SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, etc. is not only essential for scaling your business and raising capital, it also builds an important foundation of trust. 

Compliance Automation
Compliance Automation

Auditor Edition

Are you preparing for upcoming compliance audits? Curious about the best practices to ensure a smooth audit process? Join the webinar...

Auditor Edition
Auditor Edition

How to perform effective user access reviews

Performing regular user access reviews help ensure that current employees have access to the right tools and also limits access to only those who need access.

How to perform effective user access reviews
How to perform effective user access reviews

Get compliant and
build trust, fast.