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HRBP: Engineering, Product & Design

As Vanta’s HRBP for the Engineering, Product, and Design (EPD) teams, you will play a critical role in the growth of Vanta. You will be a partner, confidant, and coach to EPD our leaders and managers and empower them to develop engaged and effective teams as well as implement scalable solutions.

The role

You will...

  • Work hand in hand with the leaders of our Engineering, Product, and Design teams to provide guidance on all things People related such as: organizational design, change and performance management, workforce planning, employee support and relations, and manager development, etc.
  • Provide day to day support for each and every EPD teammate
  • Align EPD organizational structures and People initiatives for EPD with Vanta’s overall strategy
  • Be proactive in supporting our EPD leaders, managers, and employees in making Vanta the absolute best place to work for everyone

You might...

  • Have 4+ years of experience in HR with experience in supporting EPD teams
  • Have experience working closely with managers and leaders to offer guidance, drive their People strategy, and hit business results
  • Have a proven ability of translating business priorities into People initiatives
  • Have extraordinary verbal and written communication skills with an ability to communicate with different partners across all levels and departments
  • Be a self starter who thrives in a fast paced environment


We offer competitive benefits, as you may expect:

Industry-competitive salary and equity
Medical (mental and physical health), dental, and vision benefits
Paid parental leave for all parents
401(k) plan
Flexible work hours and location
Ergonomically-friendly workspace equipment
Open paid-time-off policy and 10 company holidays
Generous monthly stipend for commute to our SF office
Health and wellness focused company activities

Beyond these table stakes, our greatest benefit may be the opportunity to build a fundamental internet infrastructure: how a business becomes trustworthy and then proves its reliability.

About us

We started by building the simplest way for a company to prepare for a SOC 2 assessment.

We started with SOC 2 because it was the most common way for an internet business to prove its security. In the course of building for SOC 2, we built out a suite of security tools that every internet business needs: laptop management, account monitoring, employee onboarding and offboarding, cloud infrastructure configuration, policy documentation, and more.

Over time, we’ll add additional certifications (HIPAA, ISO27001) and partner with industry experts to bolster the ways a business’ security is proved. We’re just getting started.

Our goal is to demystify internet security to the average person, equipping beginners with sane defaults and growing them into security-savvy principals who can explain how their company protects customer data and why their business is worthy of your trust.

Vanta’s mission is to secure the internet and protect consumer data

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