How Lattice improved its security and kept security questionnaires in check

Lattice uses Vanta for SOC 2 preparation, Ongoing SOC 2, Vendor review, and Security monitoring

San Francisco and New York City
HR Software
Use Cases
Initial SOC 2, ongoing SOC 2

Lattice makes performance management software for forward-thinking organizations, including Reddit, Slack, and Samsara, who use Lattice to build a strong company culture.


Keeping customer data secure had always been important to Lattice, but as its customer base grew, the company’s engineers found they were spending more and more time answering security questionnaires and proving their security.

The Lattice team knew they could “check the box” on compliance, or they could use Vanta to build a more secure product and company – and get their SOC 2 report.


Lattice worked with Vanta to obtain SOC 2 reports and monitor its infrastructure, employees, and key services on an ongoing basis.


In 10 hours, Lattice was able to save 100 hours and now sends a SOC 2 report to potential vendors. Lattice also spends 2 hours per month ensuring their security.

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