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Notion defines their security roadmap with a continuous monitoring tool




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Security monitoring, vendor review



Notion is a first-of-its kind collaboration application that blends siloed tools into an all-in-one workspace. Since 2016, Notion has helped companies like Figma, the Wall Street Journal, and IBM bring their notes, tasks, wikis, and spreadsheets together and re-think how they work.

The Challenge

As Notion's customer base grew, so did customer demands for security protocols and documentation. Inundated with bespoke questionnaires and without a framework to lean on, Notion needed a security roadmap to build trust with enterprise clients and accelerate the growth of their business.

The Solution

As pioneers of an all-in-one workspace, Notion recognized that Vanta offered a similar all-in-one approach to security and compliance. Notion onboarded with Vanta and set up continuous monitoring of their key technical systems via APIs that instantly identified and prioritized security gaps. After remediating the immediate vulnerabilities, Notion used Vanta's dynamic risk assessment as a framework for a clear roadmap to better security.


Working from the framework, Notion took a risk-based approach to fortify their security posture. The Vanta agent gave them visibility into server configuration and employee devices, Vanta's policy wizards to document best-practice procedures saved precious engineering hours. As Notion put these robust security controls in place, they used Vanta reports to communicate their security status and satisfy those dreaded questionnaires.

Vanta customer image

As a really small startup, you don’t even know what a security program is. Vanta was the scaffolding for us. It helped define what security for a startup looks like and built us a roadmap that would actually accelerate our sales



Vanta’s automated and prescriptive approach helped Notion evolve their security posture to meet the needs of their largest enterprise clients. Gone are the days of questionnaires. Today Notion’s sales force is armed with Vanta security reports - 100% of their time spent challenging the status quo of workspaces.

Vanta automates compliance starting with SOC 2
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