Engineering Manager

San Francisco, California

Our Engineering Managers are responsible for leading and developing engineers in driving significant business impact at a hyper-growth company that has found product-market fit and is scaling quickly.

Vanta provides a security solution at scale for hundreds of companies that trust us with their most important data. We integrate deeply with our customers’ SaaS providers, infrastructure, and employee laptops to analyze the relationships with that data and surface potential security threats in real time. As an Engineering Manager, you’ll be responsible for leading your team to deliver results in a consistent, sustainable way, for growing and developing your team, and for scaling our engineering organization to meet Vanta’s accelerating business needs.

Joining Vanta today as an engineering manager offers the unique opportunity to play an integral role in laying the foundation for our engineering organization as we continue to scale, seeing all parts of our business and shaping Vanta's culture from the earliest stages.

No security experience is required, just a passion for our mission to secure the internet and protect consumer data!

About Us

To learn more about us and our culture, take a look at our KeyValues page.

We started Vanta in 2017 as Equifax had lost every American’s social security number, Home Depot had leaked its customers’ credit card numbers to hackers, and Facebook admitted that it irresponsibly sent user data to third parties who tried to influence the US election.

It was clear that security and privacy had become mainstream issues, and that we all increasingly relied on cloud services to store everything from our personal photos to our communications at work.

Vanta’s mission is to be the layer of trust on top of these services, and to secure the internet, increase trust in software companies, and keep consumer data safe.

We do this by building an automated head of security for technology companies, and we use that system to both help a company secure itself and to prove their security to others.

If we succeed in our mission, it should feel irresponsible for users to put data into a product that isn’t certified by Vanta, and irresponsible for companies to collect data without using Vanta to secure and monitor themselves.

Vanta’s mission is to be the layer of trust on top of these services, and to secure the internet, increase trust in software companies, and keep consumer data safe.

The Role

You will…
  • Drive significant impact by leading your team to deliver results predictably and at a high level of quality
  • Set direction and guide technical strategy, ensuring that your team is delivering long-term value aligned with Vanta’s business priorities
  • Manage and mentor a growing team of high-performing engineers
  • Grow Vanta’s team by hiring a diverse set of talented, intellectually curious engineers
  • Design an inclusive organization representing Vanta’s culture and values
  • Work closely with Vanta’s customers and customer-facing teammates to build and ship meaningful products and infrastructure
  • Play an integral role in laying the foundation for Vanta’s engineering culture
You might…
  • Have two or more years of professional experience as a full-time engineering manager
  • Have been deeply involved in designing recruiting processes in a previous role, with an emphasis on building a diverse team
  • Have prior experience managing complex, long-term projects that touch multiple teams and cross-functional stakeholders
  • Be interested in contributing to a growing company beyond your day-to-day responsibilities

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