Streamline security compliance to accelerate growth

Year-over-year G2 Crowd Leader for Cloud Compliance

Over 3,000 successful customers have contributed to Vanta’s depth and breadth of experience. By choosing Vanta, you’re choosing the industry’s most thoughtfully built platform that accelerates audit, drives growth, and keeps you secure year-round.

Fastest path to audit

Vanta automates up to 90% of the work required to get audit-ready, helping you save time and avoid the headaches associated with manual security audits.

Scale securely

Vanta's powerful platform gives you the tools to implement scalable security monitoring whether you’re a team of three, or a growing team of 3000+.

Always ready

Vanta goes beyond checklists and point-in-time audits with continuous monitoring that keeps you secure and compliant at all times and helps you address issues as they arise.

Establish trust

Build trust in your organization and demonstrate a commitment to security by proactively sharing your Trust Reports with customers and prospects.

Vanta automates up to 90% of the work required for security audits

Vanta is the leading automated security and compliance platform. Vanta helps your business get and stay compliant by continuously monitoring your people, systems and tools to improve your security posture.

Connect your tools and infrastructure

Leverage Vanta’s 60+ pre-built integrations or the Vanta API for custom solutions.

Customize to your company's needs

Use Vanta’s auditor-vetted controls or define custom controls to reflect your company’s unique workflows.

Fix items on your to-do list

Receive alerts and guidance via email and Slack or use Vanta’s task-tracker integrations to stay on top of fixes.

Complete audit

Vanta streamlines the auditor selection process and enables them to complete your audit entirely in Vanta.

Thousands of fast-growing businesses rely on Vanta to protect and monitor the data of hundreds of thousands of employees.

Hear from our customers on G2 🎉

Hear from our customers  🎉

Everything you need to get compliance audit ready, fast.