How incentX accelerated compliance after switching to Vanta

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Fast track to SOC 2

It had taken many months and 5-6 hours per week to get to 60% compliant. Once they partnered with Vanta, they were able to reach 100% within a week.

Security information that’s easy to share

Vanta’s Trust Center instantly showcases incentX’s security posture to prospects and customers.

Time saved

The team saved an estimated three months of work thanks to Vanta, which allowed the team to focus on other top priorities.

“It took many months to get to 60% with a competing solution. We got to 100% in a week with Vanta.”

Hillel Zafir
Founder and CEO, incentX
The company

A SaaS incentive and management platform

Founded in 2017, incentX is a modern incentive compensation management platform that helps companies calculate sales commissions, rebates, royalties, TPM, billbacks, and chargebacks. Because incentX manages sensitive information for their clients, data security is extremely important.

Hillel Zafir, Founder and CEO, was intent on building a secure platform from the start. As the company grew, the team needed more robust and efficient tools for obtaining and maintaining compliance, especially as they worked with large enterprises and multinational companies. Because incentX is managing sensitive information for their clients, data security is extremely important.

The challenge

Using a competing provider that did not impress

Hillel had long prioritized incentX’s security posture which helped win deals with enterprise customers. “Data security is extremely important to us regardless of what our customers demand,” said Hillel. “We decided to pursue SOC 2 because we knew having a secure architecture was essential for moving forward.” 

Additionally, these enterprise customers would send security questionnaires that were often 500-700 questions long. Although the team respected the requests, they could not afford to dedicate large amounts of time to answering each question.

They initially chose a competing automated compliance platform because of their perceived low pricing, but they weren’t impressed. “It took a very long time for us to get from 0-50% with that solution,” said Hillel. “We were new to SOC 2 and it wasn’t clear to us what was failing or why.”

Additionally, the team did not receive adequate support and was not able to leverage the documentation to manage on their own. “We are a small company and don’t have endless resources or a large security group,” he said. “It was disappointing to not receive the support we needed.”

At first, Hillel wondered if they simply weren’t investing enough time in the process, but soon concluded that there must be something better. When their contract came to an end with that provider, it was time to find another solution.

The solution

A trust management platform that could do it all

Hillel had considered Vanta initially and it remained top of mind. When he saw how difficult it was to get SOC 2 with the competitor solution, he reached out to Vanta and decided to sign on.

Vanta’s Trust Center was a major selling point for Hillel, as he wanted to be able to easily showcase incentX’s security posture to prospects and customers. Trust Center makes it easy for existing customers that are completing their vendor management programs.


Hillel found that Vanta’s integrations were extremely easy to set up, specifically AWS. “Setting up integrations was so fast – it only took me ten minutes,” he said. By the time he had met with his dedicated Customer Success Manager for his first onboarding call, Hillel had already gotten to 82% completion for SOC 2.

He also found the UI to be intuitive and easy to use. “We were overwhelmed by the previous platform and were relieved and impressed by how Vanta broke down information,” he said. The team enjoyed the security awareness training, which was remarkable to Hillel as it's not a training that team members usually enjoy. Furthermore, they found that Vanta’s policy templates were much more intuitive than the competing platform’s, so much so that they decided to restart and build their policies from scratch.

The impact

A future with SOC 2 compliance and a Trust Center

Thanks to their partnership with Vanta, incentX is now able to instantly share their security posture through Trust Center. They were able to gain SOC 2 compliance efficiently without having to dedicate substantial time or hire other team members.

The team found that Vanta was much more efficient than the previous solution. It had taken many months and 5 - 6 hours per week to get to 60% compliance. Once they partnered with Vanta, they were able to reach 100% within a week.

Hillel estimates that the team saved three months of work thanks to Vanta. As a lean team, that’s a substantial amount of time saved that they’ve reinvested in focusing on their go-to-market motions.


“Trust Center makes it easy to do business. Sharing the Trust Center with CISOs and other IT leaders proves the level of security we have in place.” 

Hillel Zafir
Founder and CEO, incentX

“Security is a priority to our team. We are extremely impressed with Vanta.”

Hillel Zafir
Founder and CEO, incentX

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