Meet your unique compliance needs with custom frameworks

Vanta’s custom frameworks and custom controls help you efficiently customize and automate your compliance programs as you grow. Unlock revenue, strengthen your compliance and security posture, and save time and money.

Increase revenue and improve your security posture

Align to any framework or standard beyond the 20+ provided by Vanta, including frameworks required by highly-regulated industries such as finance or healthcare, privacy laws in certain states or countries, or internal audit or IT security teams. Sell into new markets and geographies and improve your compliance and security posture with custom frameworks.

Highly customized, efficient, and centralized

With custom frameworks, you can use both Vanta-built controls or your own custom controls. Build on the work you’ve already done by bulk uploading custom controls manually maintained in spreadsheets or documents into Vanta. Map your custom controls to multiple frameworks so they can be reused, and easily manage and maintain a single control set from a centralized location.

Automation for continuous compliance and reduced costs

Manually or auto-map your custom controls to Vanta-built automated tests and recommended evidence based on the framework they apply to. Our automated tests quickly identify any areas of non-compliance that can be fixed quickly with Vanta remediation workflows and task tracker integrations, so you can adhere to your controls and policies with minimal labor costs.

All your customized compliance needs in one platform

Beyond custom frameworks and controls, additional customization and flexibility is offered throughout Vanta’s platform to meet all your unique compliance needs. This includes customizable policies, on- and offboarding processes, risk assessments, access reviews, vendor security reviews, demonstration of compliance and security via your web site, APIs and more. Vanta also includes pre-built integrations with a wide range of systems and applications to automatically monitor compliance.

“Our business is growing rapidly, and we need the flexibility to tailor our security program. Being able to include our custom controls within our Vanta instance has been an enormous time saver for us. We get a comprehensive view of our entire program and the ability to manage all our controls in one place.

Harlin Lipman, Information Security Manager

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Compliance frameworks

Using custom frameworks to meet your unique security needs

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how custom control frameworks help to grow your business and earn the trust of customers and vendors, strengthen your security program and achieve compliance, and save significant resources.

Using custom frameworks to meet your unique security needs
Using custom frameworks to meet your unique security needs

What is a trust management platform?

How do you get compliant, stay secure, and demonstrate trust continuously? That’s where a trust management platform comes in. Learn more.

What is a trust management platform?
What is a trust management platform?
Product updates

Introducing Custom Frameworks to the Vanta Platform

Custom controls and custom frameworks help compliance teams centralize and customize the way their security work gets done in Vanta.

Introducing Custom Frameworks to the Vanta Platform
Introducing Custom Frameworks to the Vanta Platform

Get compliant and
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