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Vanta now offers PCI DSS compliance automation for cardholder data security!
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Your game plan for getting
GDPR compliant

Save your team from weeks of research and thousands of dollars in consulting fees with Vanta’s GDPR compliance solution. Respond to inquiries and demonstrate compliance with Vanta's automated GDPR reports.

Thousands of fast-growing businesses choose Vanta

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of standards adopted as law by the European Union and United Kingdom to protect the personal data and privacy of their residents. The GDPR applies to any organization anywhere that collects, targets, or processes data related to people in the EU or UK.

Here's how Vanta can help you get and remain GDPR compliant:

PCI DSS compliance automation SAQ A SAQ D SAQ AEP SAQD

Understand your GDPR requirements, then take action on them

Take confidence in your company's next steps with Vanta. 
Better understand your GDPR requirements, and what’s needed to prove them.

Vanta’s solution includes step-by-step guidance on how to get and remain GDPR compliant, including 77 controls and 22 legal-vetted policy templates. Save your team from re-inventing the wheel with Vanta’s playbook for GDPR.

Automate your evidence collection

Vanta uses read-only integrations to connect with the business tools you already use to automate evidence collection. Prove your security by connecting commonly used identity providers, cloud storage services, and version control systems to Vanta.

Once connected, Vanta's gap assessment tool immediately recognizes and prioritizes any discovered security gaps for you and your team to tackle.

Stay secure with continous monitoring

Remain compliant and secure with Vanta’s continuous security monitoring service. Move from point-in-time to continuous monitoring for enhanced security.

Vanta runs hourly checks on your connected services to ensure they are set up securely, and that they remain secure over time. We continuously check for common security gaps, like unencrypted storage, open ports, or lack of MFA  – and alert your team of exceptions.

Manage GDPR policies and inquiries like a pro

Use Vanta’s library of legal-vetted policy templates to quickly translate business practices into public facing policies to satisfy your GDPR requirements.

For inbound data inquiries, use Vanta’s GDPR policy templates to establish clear procedures on Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR). Plus, easily appoint and satisfy the requirement for an EU Representative with Vanta’s partnership with GDPRLocal. 

Prove your GDPR compliance with
Vanta reports

Know exactly where your company stands and strengthen your sales position with Vanta’s automated GDPR compliance reports. Grant prospects and customers access to password protected compliance reports to reduce sales friction and foster trust.

Maintain a single source of truth for everything related to GDPR. As your team, tech-stack, and business scales, rest easy knowing that Vanta has you covered when it comes to staying compliant.


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“Vanta's platform provides automatic monitoring of controls and this allows us to effectively manage any issues discovered. Because of this...we saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in costs.”

Klas Hesselman
Co-founder  |  Flow Networks

Secure the rest of your business with Vanta.

Continuous monitoring
Ensure your security controls are passing over time, in real-time
Reliable alerts
Get notified when tests aren’t passing and guidance on how to fix them
Cloud infrastructure configuration
Verify that your cloud infrastructure is configured for ongoing security
Asset management
Take stock of your inventory and ensure employee devices are set up correctly
Vendor management
Review and track security reports for your important vendors
Employee onboarding
Use Vanta's remote onboarding client to ensure new employees are set up securely from the start
Security awareness training
Train your workforce in onboarding and on a recurring basis to remain compliant
EU/UK Representatives
Get access to Vanta's preferred vendor for GDPR representation with discount pricing

Get GDPR compliant quickly and confidently with Vanta.