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Navigate EU regulations with GDPR compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects the personal data and privacy of individuals in the EU and UK.

Save time and reduce costs 

Vanta guides your team through GDPR compliance, eliminating hours of research and the costs and time of legal consultants. Use Vanta to automate the collection of evidence needed to prove compliance and to significantly reduce the costs of implementing GDPR.

GDPR drives bottom line results

Refocus your team’s attention on growth, not regulation, with Vanta. Vanta’s set of controls for GDPR are the result of rigorous internal and external expert review and are updated to reflect new GDPR regulations and requirement

Leverage the team at Vanta to help you navigate GDPR complexities while you focus on improving your bottom line.

Scale securely by being GDPR compliant

Maintain a single source of truth for everything GDPR related and replace manual spreadsheets with automated evidence collection, document uploads, and instant security reports.

Run GDPR security training, grant and revoke resource access, and set up Slack notifications to keep your team informed of critical security changes – all within Vanta.

Thousands of fast-growing businesses rely on Vanta to protect and monitor the data of hundreds of thousands of employees.

“Vanta streamlines the project management component of HIPAA, SOC 2, and GDPR so that we can focus on execution, and it allowed me to avoid having to hire a dedicated compliance project manager.”
Executive, IT & Services, SMB

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