Navigate EU regulations with GDPR compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects the personal data and privacy of individuals in the EU and UK.

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Save time and reduce costs

Vanta guides your team through the entire GDPR compliance process, eliminating countless legal research and consulting hours. Use Vanta to automate your compliance evidence collection and significantly reduce GDPR costs.

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GDPR drives bottom line results

Refocus your team on growth, not regulation. Vanta’s GDPR controls undergo rigorous internal and external reviews, and are frequently updated to reflect new GDPR regulations and requirements.

Let us help you navigate the complexities of GDPR, while you focus on improving your bottom line.

Scale securely by being GDPR compliant

Maintain a single source of truth for everything GDPR with automated evidence collection, document uploads, and instant security reports.

Run GDPR security training, grant and revoke resource access, and set up Slack notifications to keep your team informed of critical security changes – all within Vanta.


Policies builder and templates

Vanta makes it easy to create and implement compliance policies. Whether you want to use best-in-class templates or build custom policies from scratch, use the Vanta platform to support the policies that are right for your business.

Inventory management

Vanta provides one place to see all inventory items so you can advance your ability to monitor assets and track and secure sensitive data wherever it’s stored.

Security awareness training

Security awareness training (SAT) is a standard control required by multiple security frameworks. Vanta's free SAT, developed in partnership with Living Security, provides the most seamless way to stay current on this requirement.

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“GDPR is challenging, as a self-attestation, there’s more pressure to do it right, but the GDPR module made it click. We had everything we needed to manage our compliance journey ourselves.”

Michael Bollman, CTO

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8 Facts about GDPR compliance you need to know

Get a better understanding of what GDPR means and if your business needs to become GDPR compliant.

A step-by-step GDPR compliance checklist

Vanta makes it easy to prove your GDPR compliance.

Who should comply with GDPR?

Understanding GDPR can be a challenge. Learn what GDPR is, who it impacts, and how it might apply to your business.

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