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Grow your business fast—partnering with Vanta improves operational efficiency, sets you apart from the competition, and keeps your clients coming back.

vCISOs, MSPs, and MSSPs:
reach your business goals easily with Vanta

Scale faster
Enhance your offerings with functionality like Trust Centers and Vendor Risk Management—and accelerate growth while meeting your clients' needs with dedicated partner support.
Save time and delight clients
Streamline GRC operations with automation across 21+ frameworks and 300+ integrations, and let Vanta’s continuous risk monitoring free up time for strategic initiatives—no extra headcount needed.
Stay ahead of the competition
Offer innovative security services when you partner with the industry’s top trust management platform—and build lasting client confidence by taking advantage of Vanta’s comprehensive solutions and AI-powered insights.

Top-tier support and automation

Take advantage of industry-leading resources and tools to enhance your services, market reach, and reputation.

Accelerate your success with targeted partner support

Enter new markets and boost your services—and your reputation—with exclusive resources like webinars and product training. As a partner, you'll also benefit from a dedicated channel manager and access to Vanta's auditor network, empowering you to drive strategic sales and client loyalty.

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Elevate your operations with Vanta’s advanced automation

Simplify the way you work with access to self-serve opportunity registration and client account management—all in a single partner console. Vanta can also automate up to 90% of your evidence collection with over 300 integrations, real-time security monitoring, and cross-framework mapping.

Scale your practice with powerful functionality

Automate security reviews and adapt to client needs efficiently with powerful tools like Vendor Risk Management and Questionnaire Automation, powered by Vanta AI—and enhance risk visibility, prove your ROI, and strengthen client relationships with features like Risk Dashboards and Trust Centers.

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Become a Vanta service partner

How Vanta supports your success

Grow your business and meet customer needs with our leading support solutions.

Partner Console
Our multi-tenant console features deep automation—and the most integrations on the market for streamlined client workflows.
NFR Account
As a partner, you’ll receive complimentary access to a limited not-for-resale (NFR) account to use for your own business.
Co-Marketing & GTM Support
We’ll help you close more deals with comprehensive support from the Vanta marketing and sales teams, including co-selling and access to a Vanta demo instance.
Global Support Team
Vanta offers dedicated service partner support in your timezone.
Success stories

Maximize growth and efficiency with Vanta

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“Working with Vanta makes the whole process of understanding the customers’ security posture [quicker] and allows us to deliver a higher value of service to our customers in a shorter period of time, at less cost.”

Michael Argast, Co-founder and CEO

“We consider Vanta to be a core part of what we do and how we deliver our service. Ideally you want to work with a best-in-breed partner, and that’s where Vanta comes in for us.”

Travis Good, CEO & Founder

“Having a platform like Vanta and being able to leverage that as an MSSP enables us to work more strategically and deliver on our core mission.”

Andreas Hidalgo Hegna, Partner and CEO

Become a Vanta service partner

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