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Complete security questionnaires in minutes.

Vanta Questionnaire Automation is the fastest and most accurate way to automate security questionnaire response.

Respond faster to questionnaires

Vanta's AI-powered questionnaire automation scans your prior questionnaires and deep-searches your security policies to build a library of high-confidence Q&A pairs.

With your answer bank, you can auto-complete entire spreadsheets with the click of a button and share the correct answers within minutes every time.

Keep answers up-to-date

With Vanta Questionnaires, your answer database is continuously updated with the most accurate and current responses, no matter who completes the questionnaire.

Track the most frequently used responses and leverage machine learning to improve suggestions so your team always gets the best answer.

Answer security questions anytime, anywhere

Security questions come in many forms, not just as questionnaires. They can appear in emails, spreadsheets, and third-party portals.

With the Vanta Questionnaire Extension, empower your teams to answer security questions promptly and accurately, no matter where they occur.

I have a masters degree CyberSecurity and I was spending my time in the copy/paste of security questionnaires to complete them by our customer team’s deadlines. We use questionnaire automation so our team can spend more time working on security rather than just talking about it.
Cassandra Mack, Head of Security, Spekit

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