Powerful platform, seamless SOC 2 audit

Vanta supports you across the entire SOC 2 journey by pairing the most comprehensive automated compliance platform with the most seamless audit experience. Vanta-vetted auditors get you in the door faster so you can get your SOC 2 sooner. From onboarding to final reports, Vanta accelerates SOC 2 success at every step.

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Continuous testing for ongoing SOC 2 compliance

Vanta quickly integrates with the most common cloud services, identity providers, task trackers, and more to automate the complex and tedious work of gathering evidence for security audits.

Vanta runs hourly checks, ensuring you remain compliant which expedites annual renewals.

Centralized organizational security

As your company grows, it becomes more important, but also more difficult, to properly onboard and offboard employees, remediate issues from failed tests, and manage policies and documents. 

Vanta gives you one centralized place to manage your organization’s security and compliance. Gain visibility into the status of employee-related tasks like background checks and security training, while using two-way task tracker integrations to discover, assign and resolve issues as they happen.

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Smart system description

Save dozens of hours of work and thousands in costs with a pre-populated, easy-to-fill system description template that leverages information you’ve previously entered into Vanta.

Access reviews

Strengthen your security posture with a fast, automated way to consolidate your account access data to ensure that only approved users can access sensitive data and company tools. 

Custom controls

Import custom controls with ease as well as define custom auditor-approved policies that reflect the unique needs of your business. Ensure your organization subscribes to the controls and policies you’ve put in place to keep your company compliant.

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“Vanta’s platform gave us excellent guidance to ensure that we'd succeed with our audit, along with all the tools we need to ensure that our controls are effective. And their customer success team is top-notch .”

Joe Lind, CTO
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Learn more about Vanta and trust management

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Your guide to SOC 2 audits

Preparing for a SOC 2 audit? This comprehensive guide will tell you what to expect. You'll also find out how 4,000+ businesses save time and money with Vanta.

Your guide to SOC 2 audits
Your guide to SOC 2 audits

How much does a SOC 2 audit cost?

Overview of the time and financial investment involved

How much does a SOC 2 audit cost?
How much does a SOC 2 audit cost?
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The SOC 2 Compliance Checklist

Simplify and expedite your company’s SOC 2 audit and report process with Vanta. This checklist walks through the SOC 2 attestation process.

The SOC 2 Compliance Checklist
The SOC 2 Compliance Checklist

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Get compliant and build trust,
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