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Automate compliance, unify security program management, and streamline security reviews with the leading trust management platform.

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Build, scale, and prove
security & compliance

Gain visibility across the key risk surfaces in your business, prioritize and track fixes, and prove progress to customers and partners in real-time.

Unify security program management

Vanta provides a single, centralized view of your compliance and security posture by continuously monitoring the critical tools and services your business runs on.

By unifying multiple compliance and security point solutions, Vanta helps you save money and time - while providing you higher quality, more actionable insight to guide risk management.

With Vanta, you can drive accountability, measure progress, and increase results across your security and compliance programs - and your organization.

Automate compliance

Vanta automates up to 90% of the evidence needed to prove compliance with leading security and privacy frameworks.

Unlock new markets by achieving new attestations and decrease the ongoing costs of maintaining compliance by automating compliance processes.

Vanta’s platform flexes to accommodate the most robust and customized compliance programs while offering a prescriptive and guided experience for those just starting out.

Streamline security reviews

Vanta bridges the trust gap between software buyers and sellers by automating security checks and streamlining ongoing vendor risk reviews.

With Vanta, go-to-market and security teams can increase deal velocity by demonstrating trust proactively.

Meanwhile, buying teams can remain confident in the security posture of their vendor ecosystem thanks to continuous and automated risk management.

Capabilities you can count on

Vanta’s platform provides guidance for those starting out and flexibility for more mature security and compliance teams.

Trust demonstration

Vanta offers capabilities for both software buyers and software sellers to prove trust, automate security reviews, and share real-time security data.


Vanta has 100’s of integrations with cloud providers, HRIS systems, task trackers, and much more to automatically collect evidence for compliance and continuously monitor security posture


Vanta supports the industry’s only Connectors API which lets partners build custom integrations. Vanta also allows you to build an integration to any third-party application with Vanta’s Private Integrations.

Leading security and privacy frameworks

Vanta offers support for over 20 industry leading compliance frameworks plus the ability to customize your own.

Access Reviews

Vanta’s solution automates and accelerates the access review process, saving time and money and reducing the risk of misused credentials.

Vendor Risk Management

Vanta automates vendor discovery, risk assessment, and remediation to streamline vendor reviews and eliminate Shadow IT.

Vanta AI

Vanta AI works across your security and compliance workflows, helping you instantly pull data from vendor security reports, automate high-confidence answers to security questionnaires, and more.


Vanta Workspaces lets you customize and manage compliance for multiple business units within a single Vanta account.

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Built for scale

Bringing together information from across multiple systems helps you more deeply understand your security program as a whole.


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Enterprise-grade security

Helping our customers improve their security and compliance posture starts with our own.

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Partner ecosystem

We partner with global security and compliance leaders to provide a single platform to support your business needs.

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“Vanta was a game-changer. Not only did it cut our audit time in half, but it saved well over six figures in costs and ultimately helped us build more trust with the enterprise prospects we want as clients.”

Danny Macias, VP of IT & Enterprise Security

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