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Streamline workflows and elevate your clients’ experiences with Vanta’s advanced, integrated platform.

More complete audits, much happier clients

Automated audit readiness
Vanta streamlines audits with automation and continuous monitoring, delivering faster, more accurate results and helping clients maintain audit readiness.
Boost efficiency at scale
Vanta simplifies the audit process for you and your clients—and minimizes process friction and surprises—by enabling you to work from a single platform.
Stay ahead of the competition
Grow your business by supporting Vanta’s vast customer base, and stay competitive with access to powerful, automated solutions from the leading trust management platform—all while maintaining independence.

Top-tier products built for auditors

Vanta supports a quality audit process from start to finish.

Centralize audits into one platform

Vanta’s API streamlines audit processes by automating data sync between auditors’ preferred tools and Vanta, eliminating manual work and ensuring up-to-date information, resulting in completeness and accuracy.

Complete audits—seamlessly

Streamline the audit process and significantly cut down on customer prep time and cost with Vanta Seamless Audit, which brings together top auditors familiar with Vanta’s platform and automated evidence collection.

Optimize evidence collection

Simplify evidence preparation and save time with Audit Preferred Evidence, part of our Seamless Audit offering. Predefined requirements and upfront audit expectations minimize unnecessary back-and-forth, streamlining the audit process.

Become a Vanta auditor

Advanced solutions and absolute independence

Vanta’s platform is built to help auditors complete work efficiently—while ensuring impartiality.

Designed for independence

Vanta’s auditor solutions adhere to top professional standards, including those set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), to ensure auditor independence.

Exclusive auditor network

We offer flexible auditor options for our thousands of customers, including Vanta Seamless Audit, which simplifies the audit process by providing access to the Vanta platform along with an independent, Vanta-vetted SOC 2 auditor.

Auditor Console

We make it simple to manage all your work in one centralized location. This increased visibility across audit status and content review help to reduce confusion and improve transparency.


“We are excited to partner with Vanta to bring unparalleled security and compliance solutions to our customers. By combining our audit expertise with Vanta's automation capabilities, we can offer customers a faster, more efficient path to compliance.”

Avani Desai, CEO

“Combining our audit expertise with Vanta’s vast automation library and cutting edge AI capabilities opens the door to many new and innovative ways to build trust in the marketplace, delivering enormous value for our joint customers.”

Mindy Milliet, Partner
Frazier & Deeter

“We're thrilled to partner with Vanta to expand our portfolio of joint offerings and help our customers streamline the HITRUST process. By combining industry-leading compliance services with innovative technology, we can deliver world-class compliance programs with unparalleled quality and efficiency.”

Scott Price, Founder & CEO

“Using Vanta, we achieve greater audit efficiency with streamlined evidence collection. Vanta’s cross-mapping capabilities for frameworks like SOC 2, ISO, PCI, and HITRUST reduce manual evidence requests and client audit fatigue. This allows us to focus on enhancing our clients' security posture. Vanta consolidates compliance frameworks into one manageable system, simplifying the compliance journey.”

Jesus Jimenez, Co-Founder
Insight Assurance

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