Automate HIPAA compliance and keep protected health information secure

HIPAA compliance ensures that companies that access, process, or store protected health information follow best practices for keeping this highly sensitive data secure.

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HIPAA compliance demystified

Vanta makes it easy for technology companies to comply with HIPAA regulations by integrating with the most commonly used business tools. Better understand HIPAA requirements and exactly what’s needed to attest to them.

Vanta automates up to 85% of the evidence collection required to demonstrate HIPAA compliance so you can focus on things like closing deals.

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Avoid steep fines for HIPAA non-compliance

Health information is some of the most sensitive user data stored in electronic systems - failure to protect this data levies steep fines and deeply erodes trust. With Vanta, you get the technical and personal guidance needed to mitigate the financial and reputational risks of HIPAA violations.

Security as you scale

Maintain a single source of truth for everything HIPAA-related – from automated evidence collection and instant security reports to security training, resource access, and Slack notifications – all within Vanta.

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Access reviews

Strengthen your security posture with a fast, automated way to consolidate account data to ensure that only approved users can access sensitive data and company tools.

Inventory management

Vanta provides one place to see all inventory items so you can advance your ability to monitor assets and track and secure sensitive data wherever it’s stored.

Policies builder and templates

Vanta makes it easy to create and implement compliance policies, whether you want to use best-in-class templates or build custom policies from scratch, use the Vanta platform to support the policies that are right for your business.

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“Getting our SOC 2 and HIPAA was an absolute game-changer for the way that Nayya is able to sell into larger companies.”

Akash Magoon, Co-Founder + Chief Technology Officer

Learn more about Vanta and trust management

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HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance

How to tackle both certifications with ongoing security monitoring

HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance
HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance
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What is HIPAA compliance?

What is HIPAA compliance and why might your organization need to learn about it? Find out about what it means to be HIPAA compliant.

What is HIPAA compliance?
What is HIPAA compliance?
The hippa compliance checklist.

HIPAA compliance checklist

Our HIPAA compliance checklist will help simplify your path to compliance.

HIPAA compliance checklist
HIPAA compliance checklist

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