Vanta vs. other compliance solutions

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Seamless Audit

Single procurement process for both the Vanta platform and audit.

Audit is an additional cost and separate procurement process.

Access Reviews

Consolidate, review and approve/deny, and report on employee access to systems.

Limited, basic view into who has access to a given system.

Vulnerability Management

Integrates with vulnerability scanners, providing real-time alerts and guidance to remediate vulnerabilities.

Only works well with limited, open-source vulnerability scanners

Custom Onboarding and Offboarding Tasks

Custom workflows to reduce the manual work required for employee onboarding.

Inflexible workflows and tasks.

Risk Management

Identify, prioritize, reduce and report on risk with robust output that auditors will accept across all standards.

Limited and output will not be accepted by auditors.

Automated Testing for SOC 2

Requires only the essential SOC 2 controls and runs multiple tests against them.

Requires set up of non-essential controls and only automates tests against <50% controls leading to more manual work.

Trustpage by Vanta and Trust Reports

Unique sharing links, customizable branding, require NDA before viewing.

Limited or no Trust offering

Smart System Description

Expedite scoping of systems to be audited with easy-to-fill, pre-populated system description templates.

Need to manually produce.

Auditor Experience

Easy for auditors to request only the policies and evidence they need, accept/reject evidence, and see version control software audit evidence.

Limited auditor access leading to time-consuming, back and forth emails and calls with auditors.

API Breadth & Depth

Connectors API, GraphQL API advanced, and multi-functional capabilities

No partnership API, manual and read-only.

The most in-demand frameworks in weeks, not months

The security and compliance platform trusted by more than 7,000 customers.

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