About us

We started Vanta in 2017 as Equifax had lost every American’s social security number, Home Depot had leaked its customers’ credit card numbers to hackers, and Facebook admitted that it irresponsibly sent user data to third parties who tried to influence the US election.

It was clear that security and privacy had become mainstream issues, and that we all increasingly relied on cloud services to store everything from our personal photos to our communications at work.

Vanta’s mission is to be the layer of trust on top of these services, and to secure the internet, increase trust in software companies, and keep consumer data safe.

Today, we're a growing team in San Francisco passionate about making the internet more secure and elevating the standards for technology companies.
Our Values

❤️ Customer comes first

We are so user centric that we’re currently on a first name basis with our users/customers —and while that won’t always be true, we’ll always be absurdly close to them. Everyone on our team talks to users about what they’re building or doing. Our engineers rotate each week to do oncall support (during normal business hours) so that they can help debug support issues. As an engineer, this means that you’ll put down your normal project for the week and (very likely) dive into different parts of the codebase that you probably have never before.

This practice is two-fold: it ensures that multiple people are familiar with every part of our codebase and keeps everyone close to our customers and their needs.

We are uncomfortable working with engineers who feel comfortable building things without customer feedback. We’re an incredibly customer-centric company and actively seek out other customer-centric engineers to join our team.

🔬 Experiment and Iterate

We "do things that don’t scale:" we make the first few product iterations manually until we build up confidence that folks want what you’re making. It's easy to iterate on a spec, harder on a mock, and hardest on code -- our time is valuable, so we learn lessons as early as possible.

  • Christina and Erik ran Vanta out of a spreadsheet for six months while working as security consultants.
  • The first version of "automated email alerts" was Christina waking up at 5am, pulling data from the database, and hand-writing emails. We iterated on content and copy for a couple of weeks (sorry Christina!) until we knew exactly what to build.
  • There's still no way to change your name or email address within the product. No one has ever asked us to do it, so we're glad we never spent the time.

💼 Start-to-finish ownership

We like to work with folks who are excited about making and carrying out their decisions, whether in the code they write or the partnerships they strike.

Someday, Vanta will need strict departments and handoff points between owners/teams. We don’t have – and don’t want – those things today.

To date, our product helps companies to check their security settings, but we will eventually build out the ability for Vanta to also prevent vulnerabilities.

For example, in addition to checking the settings on your laptop and alerting you – do you know if everyone at your company has encrypted their laptop’s hard drive? – we also want to make it easy for you to fix or change settings.

Security related to email, laptop, VPNs, and SSH keys may seem like standalone products, but they’re really part of the security-in-a-box solution that we are building for technology companies so that they can focus on their products. As a result, there is a tremendous amount of room for engineers to fully own projects.

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