ISO 27001 and HIPAA compliance support now available on Vanta!
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On a mission to protect consumer data and restore trust in internet businesses

How we got here

Vanta was founded in 2017, in the wake of several high-profile data breaches that shook our collective faith in internet businesses. Online security was only becoming more important, but we knew firsthand how hard it could be for fast-growing companies to invest the time and manpower it takes to build a solid security foundation.

We started by automating security monitoring for compliance certifications like SOC 2, HIPAA, and ISO 27001. But that’s just the beginning. Vanta’s vision is to restore trust in internet businesses by enabling companies to improve and prove their security and compliance posture to their customers, prospects, and partners.

Our investors

Our values are our operating principles

We think that codifying and living by these principles ultimately brings us closer to our mission.


We always start with customer needs, not internal constraints. By putting our users first, we’re more likely to solve their most significant security problems.


We acknowledge how each person is responsible for Vanta’s overall success and default towards transparency so Vantan’s can do their best work.

Growth mindset

We learn from the world and people around us to understand a problem space. Then we tackle the problem in a hypothesis-driven way.

Frameworks thinking

We make decisions based on frameworks, not impulses. This helps us accelerate and improve decision making and articulate the “why” behind what we choose to do.


Join our diverse team of smart, respectful, and passionate individuals.

San Francisco:

Our corporate headquarters where the majority of our team is located

New York:

Our newest office is growing


These days, we work successfully from anywhere

Vanta was voted Top Startup Workplace for Women by Elpha



Please direct press inquiries to press@vanta.com

Everything you need to get compliance audit ready, fast.

Vanta automates compliance starting with SOC 2
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