Vanta automates security and compliance, starting with SOC 2, to protect customer data and build trust in internet businesses

Automate security and compliance with Vanta

How security and compliance work together

Vanta sets a security foundation for the company. With that foundation, a business can obtain compliance certifications easily and thoroughly.



ISO 27001


Security monitoring

Our core is a powerful security monitoring platform that helps a company spin up a credible security program.

Platform for security monitoring
Compliance certification


Compliance certifications that prove security sit on top of our security monitoring platform.

Why we do what we do

At Vanta, we love internet businesses. They employ us, improve our lives, and are increasingly important as more of the economy moves online.

Internet businesses
Security challenges

But conducting business online introduces new security challenges, and we don’t love data breaches and hacks.

Online security can seem like an afterthought, often losing out in priority to a new feature – until it’s too late.

Online security

Vanta aims to reset those incentives.

Reset incentives

We’re pioneering a way to prove your security to your customers and use that security to grow your business.

How we got here

We started Vanta in 2017 as Equifax lost every American’s social security number, Home Depot leaked its customers’ credit card numbers, and Facebook admitted it sent user data to groups trying to influence the US Presidential election.

We rely on web services for everything from our personal photos to our work communication, but we’ve lost trust in them.

We’re a growing team, passionate about making the internet more secure by raising the standard for security and building tools to help today’s businesses surpass that bar. We’d like your help – we can’t do this alone.

Vanta automates compliance starting with SOC 2
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