Vanta automates security compliance.
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Ensure proper access to your systems

The Vanta Access Reviews solution automates and accelerates the process of access reviews. Say goodbye to manual and costly access reviews and excessive risk from misused credentials.

Stronger compliance, security, and risk posture

Vanta’s Access Reviews solution enables you to quickly and effectively ensure only appropriate users have access to key systems. With Access Reviews, your team can pass audits, accelerate revenue by gaining attestations/certifications faster, and reduce the time and cost of a review up to 90%.

Proactively reduce the risk of employees, the main surface area of risk within an organization, or external threats of obtaining and misusing system access to steal or destroy data. Continuous access review management is key for strong security - not just an audit checkbox.

Fast, automated, and simplified

Vanta is an automated SaaS platform that reduces the need for spreadsheets and back and forth communications with internals and auditors.

The Access Reviews solution includes pre-built content and intuitive workflows to guide organizations, including those new to access reviews, efficiently through the process. Vanta’s pre-built content includes system integrations, intuitive reviewer workflows, and remediation management, to let you quickly review, adjust, and report on user access to systems.

Comprehensive and integrated

The Access Reviews solution is rigorous, spans all stages of the review process, and generates output that will be accepted by auditors for all standards and frameworks (ISO, SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA, and more).

Access Reviews integrates into Vanta’s broader platform for one hub and interface addressing compliance, security, and risk management. This includes leveraging up to date employee data already in Vanta from your HRIS to flag at-risk accounts based on employees that have been offboarded or have recently changed teams.

Reduced user license costs

Vanta’s pre-built integrations show all account access data from all systems in our interface, so the administrator owning the overall access review process doesn’t need software licenses to access other systems. Additionally, fast, continuous system access reviews with Vanta means more users are de-provisioned from systems faster, reducing user license costs.

Thousands of fast-growing businesses rely on Vanta to protect and monitor the data of hundreds of thousands of employees.

“Point in time compliance assessments and audits are a thing of the past. Continuous compliance and deploying the right tools to accomplish that are required. [Platforms such as] Vanta dramatically reduce the burden of renewing certifications making it more efficient.”
Chad McAvoy
Co-Founder and CIO | AdaptX

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