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ISO 27001
Access Reviews
Vendor Risk Management
Risk Management
AI/Big data/Analytics
Less than 1 year

Trust your AI systems

With Vanta’s help, Citadel AI was able to successfully meet their ISO 27001 compliance goals in less than 50% of the time it would’ve taken manually. The workflows within Vanta gave them confidence when navigating the complex audit process.

Vanta’s breadth of integrations helped to centralize monitoring and reporting for nearly all their vendors, cloud inventory, vulnerability reporting, and more.

Vanta's automated tests helped Citadel AI achieve 100% audit readiness, boosting their security posture and winning new business opportunities.

“Vanta has been a game-changer for Citadel AI. It streamlined our ISO 27001 compliance process, saving us valuable engineering time and resources, and accelerating growth in our enterprise business.”

Kenny Song

Co-Founder and CTO

Trust Reports
Vanta APIs
2 years

eCommerce without frustration

Vanta has significantly enhanced our internal compliance processes by leveraging Vanta's APIs to streamline inventory management, employee training, policy tracking, and organizing documentation for audits. It's akin to having a dedicated compliance analyst working alongside us, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in our compliance efforts.

Vanta has greatly facilitated our collaborative efforts with audit firms, enabling us to efficiently achieve SOC2 compliance and PCI DSS certifications. The platform's seamless integration has simplified the entire process, allowing us to work hand-in-hand with audit firms to meet stringent compliance standards effortlessly.

Vanta's customer support team has been exceptional in ensuring a superb user experience with their tool. Whenever any issues arose, they promptly and efficiently resolved them. Their proactive and responsive approach has greatly contributed to our overall satisfaction with the platform.

"Vanta has been a game-changer in simplifying our compliance process. I can personally attest that my experience with achieving compliance has been incredibly smooth and hassle-free, unlike the headaches that often come with managing a full team on such projects. The platform's intuitive features and user-friendly interface have made the entire process a breeze, saving us time, money, effort, and unnecessary stress."

Alex Bernier

Compliance & Privacy Officer

Access Reviews
General Software
1 year

The fastest path to contact center improvement

Vanta streamlined the way Tethr conducts access reviews by providing a single pane of glass to view, review, and remediate access across all their systems.

Vanta’s ability to automate and integrate the access review process across all systems helps Tethr save time monitoring access across 30 different applications — simplifying their quarterly access review workflow.

With Vanta, Tethr does not need to manually check every system a departing employee might have had access to. Instead, Vanta provides an overview of systems that need attention, leading to more efficient offboarding.

“You have a very short window where you’re supposed to offboard people to satisfy your SOC 2 controls. Vanta Access Reviews lets us meet that without any hassle.”

Adam Larson

Chief Technology Officer

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"The best in automated compliance monitoring"

Head of QA & Customer Support


"Great tool, with even better customer support"

Chief Operating Officer

Small Business

"Easy to use and incredible integrations"

Founder & COO

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"There is no doubt about Vanta's effect on building trust with our customers. As we work more with Vanta, we can provide more information to our current/potential customers about how committed we are to information security and Vanta is at the heart of it."

Majid Garmaroudi, CTO

"Vanta has helped to build trust among colleagues who then translate to customers and prospects. What used to take me 4-5 hours to complete on a weekly basis, our preliminary Trust Report takes care of in a matter of minutes. I can't wait for our custom framework to be 100% mapped to automations."

Rozealieth San Nicolas, Director of Information Security

“Vanta gives us a really clear workflow on what needs to be done, who's in charge of doing it, has it been done yet, and how many security tasks are sitting there. It's helped me and my co-founder Henry save lots of time.

Cyrus Shaoul, Co-founder and CEO

"We brought Vanta onboard to shift left to continuous compliance and add SOC 2 to our existing ISO 27001 certification. The platform has made both moves tremendously easy, ensuring we have unparalleled visibility into a complex environment."

James Ramirez, CTO
Essentia Analytics
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