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Access Reviews
North America
1 year

Empowering survivors of sexual assault

Vanta’s Access Reviews product helped Leda Health automate and streamline monitoring employee access to more than 15 critical third-party vendors that support their services and engineering infrastructure.

By leveraging the Vanta platform's pre-built system integrations, Leda Health was able to quickly implement access reviews for their key platforms, reducing the effort required to manually populate information.

Vanta provided a clear and visible process for access reviews, enabling Shweta and her CTO to collaborate effectively and ensure accountability.

“I used to spend an entire day per week performing access reviews, but with Vanta’s Access Reviews, I can complete them within a couple of hours. This helps me and the rest of the team to focus more on product development and engineering."

Shweta Shrivastava

Founding Engineer

North America
1 year

Open source, fullstack monitoring

Vanta made it easy for just one person on the Highlight team to handle and attain SOC 2 in a matter of months.

Vanta unlocked a whole new customer segment by making it easier to showcase and prove out Highlight's security certifications.

Vanta's powerful network of high-quality auditors made the process of attaining and securing Highlight's SOC 2 report seamless.

"Vanta's SOC 2 process was so seamless that almost all of the information gathering and policy definitions were automated. And more importantly, these policies unlocked a brand new customer segment in the enterprise."

Jay Khatri

Co-Founder and CEO

ISO 27001
1 year

The fastest contract drafting experience ever made

Vanta's depth of automation helped Henchman attain its ISO 27001 certification in just 2 months, a process that typically takes 6 months to complete.

Henchman achieved increased security awareness through Vanta's automated and recurring training initiatives and insights into security frameworks.

Vanta allows Henchman's employees to save a tremendous amount of time going through security processes.

"Not only were we able to get ISO 27001 certified in just 2 months – the Vanta platform increased our team's security awareness tremendously. We can't wait to apply this to our SOC 2 certification (which we've already started with Vanta!)."

Louis Opsomer

Head of Finance and Operations

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"The best in automated compliance monitoring"

Head of QA & Customer Support

"Great tool, with even better customer support"

Chief Operating Officer
Small Business

"Easy to use and incredible integrations"

Founder & COO
Small Business

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"There is no doubt about Vanta's effect on building trust with our customers. As we work more with Vanta, we can provide more information to our current/potential customers about how committed we are to information security and Vanta is at the heart of it."

Majid Garmaroudi, CTO

"Vanta has helped to build trust among colleagues who then translate to customers and prospects. What used to take me 4-5 hours to complete on a weekly basis, our preliminary Trust Report takes care of in a matter of minutes. I can't wait for our custom framework to be 100% mapped to automations."

Rozealieth San Nicolas, Director of Information Security

“Vanta gives us a really clear workflow on what needs to be done, who's in charge of doing it, has it been done yet, and how many security tasks are sitting there. It's helped me and my co-founder Henry save lots of time.

Cyrus Shaoul, Co-founder and CEO

"We brought Vanta onboard to shift left to continuous compliance and add SOC 2 to our existing ISO 27001 certification. The platform has made both moves tremendously easy, ensuring we have unparalleled visibility into a complex environment."

James Ramirez, CTO
Essentia Analytics
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