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Deep integrations that power ISO 27001 compliance year round




Brazil and Spain




ISO 27001, PCI-DSS



Belvo powers the next generation of financial services in Latin America through technology and data.

The Challenge

Belvo was growing rapidly in 2020 and started conversations with large clients and regulated entities. These clients had compliance requirements and within Latin America, ISO 27001 is the most widely accepted standard. Being a deeply technical company, they wanted a solution that would simplify this process by automating their compliance management system as much as possible and avoid “point-in-time” compliance in favor of continuous monitoring.

The Solution

Vanta provided a clear path toward compliance through its platform and customer success programs. Vanta’s deep integration with AWS was the standout feature compared to other vendors in the space. The integrated approach to security controls and the ability to do asset management across workstations, laptops, and servers provided the best unified solution for continuous compliance.


The Impact

Vanta’s product expansion has scaled with Belvo to be the one tool solution that solves various compliance use cases. Having built their security framework with Vanta’s policy templates, Belvo is able to leverage existing controls to pursue additional frameworks like GDPR and PCI DSS. The reduced time to achieve these certifications while providing real time risk notifications to maintain compliance has set Belvo apart from their competition and reduces the RFP process in new deals. Vanta is used daily across technical and HR teams to ensure Belvo remains compliant beyond the audit.

Read more about Belvo’s compliance journey here.

ISO 27001

You want to be compliant every day, not just once a year. Vanta helps you achieve this without slowing your business down.

Giuseppe Ciotta
VP of Engineering | Belvo

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Vanta automates security compliance.
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