How Chili Piper streamlined their annual SOC 2 monitoring and reporting process

Chili Piper uses Vanta for Ongoing SOC 2, Vendor review, and Security monitoring

Chili Piper
Chili Piper
Sales Acceleration
Use Cases
Security monitoring, ongoing SOC 2

Chili Piper’s mission is to transform B2B Sales. They deliver innovative solutions to help businesses convert their buyers for multiple use cases - from connecting prospects to sales reps instantly upon submitting a form to automating their sales handoff process. The company is fully distributed leveraging global talent with employees in 32 cities in 13 countries.


ChiliPiper needed to streamline their annual SOC 2 monitoring and reporting processes. They were a 40+ person team and didn’t have the bandwidth to track and keep evidence up to date across a half-dozen different places.


ChiliPiper connected their tools to Vanta in less than ten minutes and centralized their reporting and evidence collection on Vanta in just a few hours.

ChiliPiper spends 30 minutes every two weeks touching up the tests and their results.


Scott Haney, the team’s product lead cut the ongoing time he spends managing SOC 2 from 4 weeks to 3 days. He now spends that team on product work, helping ChiliPiper transform B2B sales.

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days spent managing SOC 2, down from 4 weeks
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