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Vanta Expertise made SOC 2 Journey a Breeze


Citadel ID


San Francisco, CA







Citadel ID is an online platform that provides API access to over 100 million payroll accounts.

The Challenge

Obtaining a SOC 2 report was extremely important for Citadel ID, a company that relies on client trust and handling discrete information. As a team with no previous experience with SOC 2, Citadel ID needed to find a reliable partner that could not only save him time, but ensure that Citadel ID was prepared for their audit. Simply put, their (small) team was able to tackle the SOC 2 process because of Vanta.

The Solution

Citadel ID started working with a Vanta partner auditor to start collecting necessary information and ensure the team had clarity on every step in the SOC 2 process.


The Impact

Grasser and his team were able to successfully achieve the SOC 2 certification and bolster Citadel ID’s security posture. “Vanta has helped us really structure our security efforts and give us a detailed overview of where we stand in terms of security and where we had gaps.” Grasser said having a dedicated partner that has a team of experts coupled with the automated tools gave him confidence that he was setting Citadel ID up for success in the auditing process.


Vanta provided a clear structure and clear tests that we needed to pass in order to be ready to be audited. Having our security monitoring in a central system makes it easier to ensure compliance on an ongoing basis and see potential gaps while getting ready for the audit. Since many checks are automatic, it saves a lot of time collecting evidence.

Johannes Grasser
Director of Operations | Citadel ID

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