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Align AI team
Revenue expansion

Align AI’s adherence to strict data security and privacy standards, especially in finance, education and accounting sectors, has opened doors to high-value enterprise clients, fueling revenue growth..

Efficient compliance process

With Vanta's assistance, Align AI achieved compliance without the need for a dedicated manager, saving approximately USD$130K. This streamlined approach enables Align AI to prioritise core business functions and drive growth.

Enhanced market recognition and trust

Partnering with Vanta and achieving compliance certifications has enhanced Align AI 's market recognition and built trust and credibility with potential clients.

"In today's digital landscape, the intersection of innovation and compliance is crucial for companies like ours to thrive. Align AI represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI while ensuring the highest standards of data security."

Gijung Kim
Founder and CEO, Align AI
The Company

Revolutionising product analytics for conversational AI 

Hatched in 2021 amidst the chaos of a global pandemic, pioneering tech startup Coxwave sought to tackle a challenge overlooked by many: analysing the intricate conversations between users and AI.

Coxwave knew its mission was clear: To revolutionise product analytics and evaluation for conversational AI products like ChatGPT.

As the cofounders ⎯ a team of friends and AI researchers from Seoul National University ⎯ delved deeper into the world of AI, they recognised that traditional analytics tools failed to capture the nuances of user interactions. Determined to solve this problem, Coxwave set out to develop an innovative solution: Align AI.

"Our platform offers advanced product analytics and evaluation, capturing every user-AI interaction, along with conversational data and metadata, including user subscription status and the conversation context. This data is analysed to provide actionable insights," says Coxwave CEO Gijung Kim.

"Align AI’s system mitigates the risk of AI errors by offering a feature called Universal Search. Users can input queries in natural language, allowing them to monitor and address potential issues promptly, ensuring appropriate AI interaction," Kim says.

With a track record of success, Coxwave has already onboarded a range of customers covering SMB, mid-market and enterprise organisations to Align AI. With further expansion plans to go global, Coxwave is leveraging its proven expertise to serve a diverse array of markets and industries.

The Challenge

Upholding data security in an AI world

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for the young start-up. Amidst the excitement of the company’s groundbreaking technology, the team faced a formidable challenge: compliance. Conversational AI, while powerful, also posed risks, especially in industries where data security and privacy are paramount.

"We knew we had something revolutionary with Align AI, but we also understood the complexity of the compliance landscape. We also knew that our sector was especially sensitive to data security concerns, as it involved direct conversations between AI and users and that we needed to position ourselves as a trusted partner in the AI conversational product space,” Kim says.

As Coxwave looked to expand its client base, it found that enterprise clients had stringent data security and privacy requirements. These clients demanded compliance with industry standards such as SOC 2 and GDPR, posing a challenge for Coxwave's operations. Recognising the need to meet these strict requirements, Coxwave faced the daunting task of navigating complex compliance processes while maintaining its competitive edge.

“Many of our potential clients, especially those in the enterprise segment, required their vendors to be SOC 2 compliant. By achieving this certification, we could demonstrate our commitment to data security and build trust. Additionally, we focused on GDPR compliance because we observed significant traction from European companies. The European market has strict data protection regulations, and GDPR sets the standard for how businesses should handle personal data,” Kim says.

Initially focused on serving fellow startups, Coxwave's expansion into the enterprise market prompted the company to prioritise data compliance and explore alternative solutions, recognising the inefficiency of traditional compliance methods involving consultants and internal resources, which could cost up to USD$130K for a six-month period.

The Solution

Streamlining and automating compliance with the leading trust management platform

Facing this challenge, Coxwave turned to Vanta, the leading  trust management  platform..

Leveraging Vanta's automated compliance solution and expertise, Coxwave implemented a comprehensive approach to achieving compliance. Vanta's automated assessment tools provided real-time insights into Coxwave's security posture, enabling proactive identification and remediation of potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, Vanta's expert guidance and support empowered Coxwave to navigate the complexities of compliance with confidence and efficiency.

"Partnering with Vanta was a game-changer for us. Their platform not only simplified our compliance efforts, but also provided us with invaluable insights to strengthen our security measures. With Vanta by our side, we felt equipped to tackle even the most stringent compliance requirements,” Kim says.

“Our data comprises conversations between users and AI. This type of data holds immense importance for any company. Thus, obtaining compliance and ensuring our data's security became imperative steps for us to gain client trust and confidence.”

Kim highlights that partnering with Vanta offers a key advantage:  its extensive range of over 300 integrations powers automated compliance and continuous monitoring of controls. . This includes must-haves like AWS, Azure, Github, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Vercel, and Auth0, making it easy to get up and running with Vanta and add new tools  in the future.

"Given Vanta's reputation as a leader in the field, it was an obvious choice for us to partner with them. As we strive to become leaders in interaction analytics, collaborating with compliance frontrunners like Vanta is the logical path forward."

The Impact

Driving business growth

With Vanta delivered, Coxwave benefitted from cost and time savings, as well as the flexibility vital in a dynamic business setting. Additionally, it propelled compliance readiness and spurred business growth.

"Our partnership with Vanta brought transformative outcomes for Coxwave. By attaining SOC 2 and GDPR compliance, we substantially bolstered our credibility and trustworthiness, particularly among enterprise clients.” 

“This achievement not only showcased that our system architecture aligned with the highest compliance standards, but also allowed us to adapt our system to meet enterprise security requirements,” says Kim.

Asked what’s next on the expansion front, Kim says the sky’s the limit, with no geographical barriers in sight.

"Our strategy revolves around remaining geography-agnostic, as developers worldwide seek conversational and analytics evaluation solutions. Our main focus is on becoming enterprise-ready to meet the needs of modern businesses with complex requirements,” says Kim. 

What’s more, the company is extending its scope to include the analysis of human-to-human interactions alongside human-AI interactions. Additionally, with the increasing prevalence of conversations between AI entities themselves, the company is exploring ways to incorporate this into their analysis.

As Coxwave continues its  journey with Align AI, Vanta will be a key partner as the growing startup continues to balance innovation with security and compliance in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Gijung Kim
Founder and CEO, Align AI
Gijung Kim
Founder and CEO, Align AI

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