Noibu completes security questionnaires 5x faster with Vanta

Ottawa, Canada
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A Shorter Path to Sales

Implementing SOC 2 removed roadblocks in the sales process and made Noibu stand out from the competition, making it easier and faster to win deals.

Completing Security Questionnaires 5x faster

Thanks to Vanta’s Questionnaire Automation solution, answering security questionnaires is now 5x faster.

Time and Resources Saved

Noibu was able to gain SOC 2 compliance with their existing team rather than hiring 5-10 team members to manage the process.

“Our prospects want proof that we’re compliant. With Vanta, we give them that proof, get them to trial our product, then convert them into a customer. Having SOC 2 and automated security questionnaires prevents all roadblocks.”

Alex Bernier
Head of Legal & Compliance, Noibu
The company

Error detection and monitoring for ecommerce

Noibu provides error detection and monitoring services for ecommerce companies. Founded in 2017, Noibu has been recognized as one of North America’s fastest-growing technology companies, with almost 100 employees and 350+ customers. As Noibu has grown, so has the need for compliance with security frameworks.

Alex Bernier, Head of Legal & Compliance, joined the company early on to manage legal, compliance, and privacy. He recognized that improved compliance would improve the sales process, so he turned to Vanta.

The challenge

More requests for SOC 2 and security questionnaires

The team at Noibu has ambitious goals for growth. In the past year, they’ve doubled their revenue, and now seek to triple it. However, as they moved upmarket, they encountered more enterprise customers that required proof of security. In the span of a month, they had multiple prospects ask about Noibu’s standing with SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS. Alex realized that this was a problem that could prevent sales.


There were challenges when it came to security questionnaires, as well. Because Noibu had not yet achieved their SOC 2, the team could not answer “yes” to every question on incoming security questionnaires. As the company grew, more security questionnaires came pouring in, and their team was fielding 10+ questionnaires during especially busy weeks. Filling out these questionnaires took hours of the team's time — hours that could’ve been spent on other essential work. 

The team recognized that they needed to enhance their security posture to accelerate the sales process and win enterprise deals. They also wanted to increase efficiency internally, as the team was spending too much time wading through security questionnaires and explaining their security and compliance status to prospects. 

The solution

A Trust Management Platform to automate SOC 2 and security questionnaires

Alex and his team saw SOC 2 compliance as a top priority, knowing that it was important to enterprise customers and that it would also streamline the internal security questionnaire process. He began to talk to other companies in similar positions and saw they had five team members working on gaining SOC 2.

“It didn’t make sense to me that we would need a lot of people to work on SOC 2 — it seemed inefficient. I realized Vanta could help.”

They landed on Vanta as a solution, as it would clearly save time and resources. Alex saw that partnering with Vanta would save them in audit costs and cover the work of five team members. “I liked Vanta because it helped categorize and set up a place to store all of our policies,” he said.


Thanks to Vanta, Noibu was able to gain SOC 2 compliance with relative ease. “When companies ask us if we’re SOC 2 compliant, we’re now able to say that we are,” said Alex. “Because of this, these companies often don’t feel the need to send us security questionnaires, which obviously saves a lot of time for our team.”

When the team does receive security questionnaires, Vanta’s Questionnaire Automation solution does much of the heavy lifting, leading to huge gains in efficiency. According to Alex, the process of answering security questionnaires is now 5x faster.

The impact

A security posture that helps fuel aggressive growth

Now that Noibu has SOC 2 compliance and automated security questionnaires, they are more prepared than ever to grow and sell to enterprise customers. Not only are they able to provide proof of their robust security posture to prospects, but they’re also able to save time and resources internally by streamlining the security questionnaire process. 

“We’ve been able to remove all friction that could prevent our growth,” said Alex. “We also have a competitive edge – compliance is a differentiator that makes prospects more likely to choose our product.”

“Enterprises were asking us about SOC 2, and we even lost a deal because of it. We couldn’t let that happen again."

Alex Bernier
Head of Legal & Compliance, Noibu

“Vanta was an affordable option – an audit would’ve been 6-10x the cost with another solution."

Alex Bernier
Head of Legal & Compliance, Noibu