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Accelerated compliance

With Vanta, Tactiq reduced their response timeline regarding security questionnaires from months to weeks when engaging with enterprise prospect.

Operational efficiency

Vanta's automated compliance capabilities enabled Tactic to streamline time-consuming, manual processes and free up resources for innovation and growth.

Enhanced customer trust

By demonstrating robust compliance with the help of Vanta, Tactiq is able to instill confidence in clients, accelerate sales cycles, and foster stronger relationships built on trust.

"With clients entrusting sensitive data and information to Tactiq's systems, maintaining trust and ensuring compliance with industry standards became critical priorities."

Nick Nikolaiev
Co-founder, Tactiq
The Company

Delivering digital communication analytics in the work-from-home era

Founded in 2021, Tactiq is a trailblazer in digital communication analytics, specialising in extracting and sharing meeting insights in the work-from-home era. Tactiq began with a vision to revolutionise the way businesses harness the power of digital conversations. Co-founders Ksenia Svechnikova and Nick Nikolaiev recognised early on that transcripts alone were becoming commoditised, prompting them to ponder the next frontier in digital communication. 

With a focus on security and data privacy instilled in their DNA, Tactiq embarked on a mission to not only secure sensitive information, but also deliver unparalleled value to its users.

“As remote work becomes the norm, the frequency and duration of meetings has surged, engaging over half a billion people daily. Yet, amidst this wealth of information exchanged, valuable insights often go unnoticed,” says Nick. “Traditional solutions fall short in making meeting data consumable for the broader organisation, creating distractions and hindering productivity.”

As a leading AI note taker and meeting transcription tool, Tactiq captures and preserves these insights, ensuring easy accessibility through its knowledge traceability platform. Today, the B2B AI SaaS platform serves a diverse clientele spanning the US, EU and Latin America. With over 350,000 users distributed across 10,000 organisations, including prominent teams within Fortune 500 and ASX50 companies, its reach extends far and wide, impacting businesses on a global scale.

The Challenge

Navigating compliance and security amid growth

As Tactiq gained traction in the market, it faced a surge in inbound requests from organisations, particularly concerning compliance and security requirements. Manual processes for ensuring compliance, including lengthy questionnaires and document exchanges, proved to be time-consuming and inefficient. Moreover, as Tactiq aimed to scale its operations and cater to enterprise clients, the need for a SOC 2 became imperative.

With clients entrusting sensitive data and information to Tactiq's systems, maintaining trust and ensuring compliance with industry standards became critical priorities. However, managing compliance across multiple frameworks and constantly evolving security requirements proved to be a daunting task, according to Nick.

“Our primary challenge revolved around the influx of inbound requests from various companies' compliance teams. Essentially, there were two pathways: one streamlined through attaining a SOC 2, leading to shorter questionnaires, while the other, lacking certification, entailed lengthy processes prone to delays.

“In 2021, we recognised the need to transition these processes to a more standardised approach. Our goal was to streamline this enterprise sales pathway, addressing the challenge of efficiently managing the high volume of inbound requests. Formal certification significantly simplified the process, compressing it from months to just two weeks.”

At the same time,to minimise incoming questionnaires and differentiate itself from competitors, the startup needed to establish trust in real time and proactively demonstrate its commitment to security.

"In the early stages of Tactiq, we successfully managed procurement and security compliance with public companies due to our strong internal expertise. But this required considerable effort as we lacked standard security certification. So this was no longer a viable option.”

The Solution

Automating compliance and streamlining sales operations

Tactiq turned to Vanta, the leading trust management platform, to automate compliance and unlock growth. By using Vanta's platform, Tactiq was able to streamline compliance processes and improve the customer experience. 

“The collaboration with Vanta has resulted in three pivotal advantages: the exploration of market opportunities, accelerated time to market, and enhanced operational efficiency.”

For starters, the introduction of the Trust Center, for example, has played a pivotal role in bolstering proactive communication with customers' security teams.“By providing a centralised platform for comprehensive information sharing and transparency, the Trust Center significantly streamlined communication processes, fostering stronger trust and confidence among clients,” Nick says.

Additionally, the adoption of Vanta's Questionnaire Automation solution enabled Tactqie to take the next step in refining and accelerating the sales process.

“This advanced technology enabled the automation of security questionnaires, reducing manual workload and accelerating response times,” says Nick. “As a result, Tactiq can now navigate sales cycles more seamlessly, swiftly addressing clients' security concerns and facilitating smoother transactions.”


The Impact

Unlocking efficiency, fostering trust

By adopting Vanta, Tactiq transformed their compliance journey and increased operational efficiency. What once took months now required mere weeks, thanks to automated workflows and centralised data. With Vanta Tactiq is also able to reinforce their commitment to security while maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

"Tactiq's integration of Vanta for compliance management not only expedited our certification processes, but also bolstered our operational efficiency. By showcasing our commitment to se through Vanta, we've not only strengthened client relationships but also positioned ourselves as a reliable and innovative leader in the market."

Looking ahead, Nick says the company is poised for further growth and innovation, fuelled by its partnership with Vanta. As the company prepares for its Series A funding round, formal certifications and compliance standards will serve as essential pillars of trust and reliability.

“With Vanta by our side, we’re confident in our ability to navigate the complexities of compliance while continuing to deliver exceptional value to our customers.”


“The collaboration with Vanta has resulted in three pivotal advantages: the exploration of market opportunities, accelerated time to market, and enhanced operational efficiency.”

Nick Nikolaiev
Co-founder, Tactiq

"As Tactiq continues to pursue expansion and innovation, Vanta remains an indispensable partner.”

Nick Nikolaiev
Co-founder, Tactiq

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