Vanta raises $50M Series A from Sequoia to automate security and compliance
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SOC 2 prep in 14 days

Comprehensive SOC 2 prep in as little as 14 days

A suite of security tools that secure your business and prove your security with a SOC 2

Monitor your entire business for security vulnerabilities

Comprehensive monitoring and alerting so someone always has your back

Integrate tools to Vanta
Comprehensive integrations

Connect your tools to Vanta for monitoring so you spend less time bookkeeping and more time fixing issues

Custom checklists for your business
Flexible gap assessments

Use custom checklists tailored to your business’ stage and commitments

Get alerts
Reliable alerts

Understand when items are not in compliance and appropriate remediation steps

Fix security issues fast

Actionable guidance when issues are detected so you can respond quickly

Secure cloud infrastructure
Cloud infrastructure configuration

Ensure that everything from IAM permissions to container vulnerabilities are secure

Give employees the right access
Employee onboarding and offboarding

Grant and revoke employee access to key tools as appropriate

Insights on your device
Laptop management and monitoring

Get insight into your employees’ Mac, Windows, and Linux devices

Undergo compliance audits with confidence

Vanta partners with AICPA-affiliated auditors so you can get your certification faster

Network of certified auditors
Auditor partner network

Work with certified auditors familiar with Vanta’s tools and workflows

Well-maintained information
Evidence in one place

Vanta collects the information auditors need, so you don’t need to maintain separate repositories

Policy documentation and risk assessment

Tell us about your business practices and we’ll translate that to compliance-speak

Tackle compliance needs

Tackle your compliance with Vanta.

We’re pioneering a way to prove your security to your customers and use that security to grow your business.

Vanta automates compliance starting with SOC 2
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