Core Capabilities

The Vanta platform provides you with the core capabilities and features needed to quickly get up and running, identify and remediate misconfigurations and risks, all while maintaining a strong security posture and round-the-clock compliance.

Continuous monitoring

Detect and remediate issues with a quick glance to the monitors page where automated tests show what’s passing and failing in real time.


Connect your tech stack to Vanta with the use of 100+ pre-built integrations, or build your own, and start automating monitoring of the services you rely on.


Leverage pre-built templates or create custom policies to translate business practices into formal, easy-to-track policies that ensure your team remains compliant.


Store documents in one centralized location so that it's easy to collect and provide the evidence you need for audits and compliance management.


Track issues as they arise within app notifications or alerts sent via email or Slack.


Use pre-built controls, or import your own custom controls, and leverage them across one or more frameworks for quick, yet consistent, compliance.

Employee management

Automate workflows for security training and on- and offboarding processes to ensure your team is compliant with the policies and processes your organization has put in place.

Risk assessments

Choose between two risk management solutions to gain sight of, prioritize, and remediate risks to your organization.

Vulnerability management

Pull data from vulnerability scanners into Vanta using our pre-built integrations and stay on top of vulnerability detection.

Access reviews

Accelerate and automate the process of tracking and managing employee access to critical tools and systems to keep your company, and data, secure.

Inventory management

Bring in information from MDMs and other SaaS applications to ensure company devices, assets and repositories are in compliance.

Vendor reviews

Simplify vendor reviews with a streamlined third-party management that allows you to track compliance, protect data, and reduce risk.

Remediation workflows

Get guidance for real-time risk remediation sent directly to your inbox, or assign issues to owners using two-way task tracker integrations.


Enjoy the flexibility provided by two APIs, one for building your own custom connections and one that allows our technology partners to connect their services to the Vanta platform.

Smart system description

Expedite system description set up with a  template that leverages information you’ve already input in Vanta.


Gain an immediate understanding of your compliance status with a compliance dashboard to track your progress and complete outstanding tasks.


Remove the guesswork from determining what applications, users, and devices should be scoped into tests.

Auditor portal

Streamline auditor workflows by providing one place for auditors to review progress, check evidence, and flag issues that may hinder your progress toward compliance.

Get compliant and
build trust, fast.