Vanta Capabilities

The Vanta platform provides you with capabilities and features that enable you to:

  • Maintain a strong and continuous compliance, risk, and security posture
  • Increase and accelerate revenue by demonstrating this posture to customers and potential buyers
  • Reduce the cost, time and complexity of compliance via automation and advanced workflows

Connect your apps and systems to Vanta via 300+ pre-built system integrations, or build your own, to automate 90%+ of compliance including monitoring technical controls


Easily scope out resources, applications, devices or employees not relevant for compliance


Leverage dozens of pre-built security policies, or create your own, in one central location. Automate the process of employees reading and accepting them.


Use a pre-built list of documents/evidence, or create your own, in one central location. Easily show auditors the evidence needed for your chosen framework(s).

Auto-generation of key documents

Auto-generate the lengthy “System Description” required by SOC 2, and the “Statement of Applicability” for ISO 27001

Inventory management

Live, comprehensive inventory of all software, hardware, or custom resources, including bulk attribute tagging of cloud provider resources

Vulnerability management

Live, comprehensive view of all vulns prioritized by severity and shown by asset or vuln. Drives fast remediation, and vuln history quickly gives evidence required by auditors.

Employee management

Automate workflows for security training and on- and offboarding processes with pre-built or custom tasks to ensure employees are compliant with relevant policies and processes

Continuous monitoring (aka automated tests)

Real-time monitoring of controls via automated tests to quickly see which controls are passing or failing. Ensures compliance is more than “point in time”.


If failed tests or areas of noncompliance are identified, owners can be auto-notified via email or Slack to help ensure quick remediation

Remediation workflows

Remediation detail includes the when, where, why, and how to fix, and uses workflows to drive fast remediation. Includes optional bi-directional integration with third-party ticketing systems.


Hundreds of pre-built controls, including automated tests and policies, mapped to 20+ leading frameworks. Option to create or import custom controls which can be mapped to multiple frameworks.


20+ pre-built security and privacy frameworks including SOC2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and HIPAA, each containing relevant pre-built controls. Option to create or import custom frameworks.

Gap assessment

Automated, comprehensive assessment for a specific framework that tests a complete set of controls that may appear in an audit. Identifies gaps and vulnerabilities to be fixed beforehand.


Executive-level and product/capability-level reporting to measure, manage, and report on compliance and risk at the level required by the viewer.

Risk Management

Automate and accelerate the risk assessment process to ensure enterprise risk is properly managed and reduced. Includes a risk scenario library, intuitive workflows, automated control and task tracking, and reporting.

Access Reviews

Automate and accelerate the system access review process to ensure only the right employees have access to the right systems. Includes pre-built system integrations, review workflows and remediation management.

Vendor Risk Management

Automate and accelerate the vendor security review process to ensure your vendors have the measures in place to protect your data. Includes system integrations, discovery of shadow IT, a risk rubric, review workflow, and reporting.

Trust Center

Quickly showcase real-time proof of your security and compliance posture directly to prospects, customers, partners, and investors via a public web page or private link, and with one-click NDAs

Questionnaire Automation

Automate the process of filling out lengthy security questionnaires sent to you by prospective buyers or customers. Uses AI and an answer library.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence throughout the platform helps reduce and accelerate repetitive tasks, such as performing vendor security reviews, completing security questionnaires, and mapping tests and policies to controls.

Roles-based access control

Use pre-built roles, or create an unlimited number of custom roles, for granular control on what Vanta users can see and what actions they can take


In a single Vanta account, customize and manage compliance for multiple business units with each having their own Workspace. Re-use select compliance content across Workspaces to reduce complexity.


APIs let you programmatically interact with Vanta to automate and customize workflows & processes, including moving data both into, and out of, Vanta

Auditor portal

Your auditor can log into Vanta to see the state of an audit, review and comment on documents/evidence, and communicate and collaborate with you

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