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1Password stores passwords and important information in one location protected by your Master Password, which only you know.

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Achieve least-privilege through self-service Access Requests, Approvals and Access Reviews for any SaaS application.

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AllVoices provides a safe, secure, and anonymous way for employees to report issues, concerns, and feedback.

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Aprio is an independent, third party professional services firm. We are performing this engagement as a third party, independent professional service provider.

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B.H. Nearon CPA

We live and breathe SOC 2! We are a CPA firm where quality, affordability, and responsiveness meet. Our SOC 2 team is highly experienced in delivering SOC reports and brings to your business a wealth of experience we would love to share with you.

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BARR Advisory

At BARR, we build trust through cyber resilience. We help protect the world’s data, people, and information networks through a human-first approach to cybersecurity and compliance.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with the quality of our work, you don't pay us.
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Bay Mountain Security

Bay Mountain Security improves your Information Security and Compliance programs through advanced automated controls monitoring, audits, training, and advisory services.

25% discount on all ISO training and professional certifications offered by Bay Mountain Security.
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Bento Cyber Security Professional Services

We provide proactive management of cyber risks, strategy, administration, and validation for small business. We bring tools, methods, and people. Based in Maine!

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Bion Solutions Limited

Bion is an engineering-led, fully hands-on UK-based technical consultancy that has a passion for AWS/GCP Cloud, Kubernetes, DevOps and DevSecOps.

Free cloud posture analysis and a 15% discount on all services for all Vanta customers
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Boulay Group

For over 85 years, Boulay has been providing high-quality CPA & Advisory services to clients across the United States and globally. Their team today consists of over 100 CPAs and 30 Partners across the areas of assurance, tax, advisory and wealth management.

Competitive pricing options for new SOC 2 clients using Vanta
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What Our Partners Are Saying

“Rhymetec builds and manages the information security and data privacy programs for modern-day SaaS businesses, and Vanta is the ideal foundational platform for our customer’s compliance and security frameworks. Vanta enables us to get our customers compliant easily and serves as the baseline for controls to build a program at scale.”

Justin Rende
Chief Executive Officer  |  Rhymetec
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