Vanta automates security compliance.
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Improve your security program at every stage of growth

Vanta helps you establish the practices required to mitigate risks to user data and privacy and maintain trust in your brand.

Vanta is the fast, frictionless way for growing companies to get compliant and demonstrate, improve and scale their security programs. Companies turn to Vanta for a platform whose unparalleled breadth and depth of functionality fits the way they work, a partner network comprised of the industry’s most trusted providers, and a team of in-house security experts and support specialists who are available to provide guidance at every step of the compliance journey.

Minimize risk and maximize trust

The number and complexity of security threats is growing. Vanta minimizes risk to your business with:

  • Continuous monitoring of critical tools and services to ensure that once you become compliant, you stay compliant
  • Real-time alerts to allow you to remediate issues as they arise
  • Centralized access management to easily track provisioning and deprovisioning of company tools
  • An integrated risk management solution to mitigate risks to your business and keep customer data secure
  • Custom controls provide the flexibility you need to minimize risk as your organization grows

Once you get compliant, you can count on staying that way.

Security you can demonstrate

Whether you’re a compliance vet or just beginning to chart a path, you can prove your security, quickly and transparently, with Vanta Trust Reports:

  • Controlled access via NDA-based sharing
  • Customized to your company’s look and feel
  • Simple UI makes it easy to see test statuses and docs

And for faster turnaround of security questionnaires, leverage our partnership with Stacksi to automate and expedite completion.

Propel automation with robust integrations

Native: Hit the ground running with continuous monitoring, 70+ pre-built integrations for common startup tools, and industry-leading, automated evidence collection

Third party: We’re the only automated security and compliance platform to offer a Connectors API to technology partners, allowing them to build integrations to specialized tools to extend our real-time monitoring to a nearly limitless number of services.

API: Vanta’s API offers the most automation and the most flexibility, letting you build custom connections, leverage Vanta data in other tools, and automate more work outside of the Vanta platform.

Grow securely with access to a 360 partner ecosystem

Our partner network of expert service providers, auditors, and solutions will simplify your security and compliance journey, just like we’ve done for breakout companies like Quora, Calm, and Blend.

  • Auditors: We match you with our most trusted auditors who understand the needs of small and rapidly growing businesses to give you a faster, five-star audit experience.
  • Service partners: Our VCISOs, MSSPs and consultants help you build and scale an infosec program around Vanta that complements your company at every stage of growth.
  • Startup partners: You’ll enjoy preferred rates and white-glove service from our accelerator and VC network.
  • Technology Partners: Over 80 pre-built and third-party integrations and partnerships make it easy to connect critical systems within your technology stack for continuous monitoring and ongoing compliance.

Thousands of fast-growing businesses rely on Vanta to protect and monitor the data of hundreds of thousands of employees.

"Vanta allows audit firms to streamline the SOC 2 examination process. The platform, along with support from the Vanta team, helps companies fully automate their security monitoring, prepare for the audit and achieve compliance in less time than the traditional audits. As auditors this makes our job a lot easier by engaging us during the whole process.”
Jesus Jimenez
Partner | Insight Assurance

Everything you need to get compliance audit ready, fast.