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Say goodbye to manual, complicated, and limited risk management. The Vanta Risk Management solution simplifies the risk assessment process and the steps needed to remediate risk.

Continuous, proactive risk reduction

Thorough risk management doesn’t require extensive work. Use Vanta’s Risk Management solution to optimize your existing workflows to pass audits, gain attestations faster, reduce costs, and accelerate your revenue. Stay on top of your risk profile to make your entire security and compliance journey more efficient and streamlined.

A mobile phone with a screen showing a risk management dashboard.
A screen showing a dashboard with a graph on it.

Automated and simplified

The Vanta platform simplifies and automates SaaS-based risk assessments, eliminating the need for countless spreadsheets and endless email threads with internal teams and auditors. 

For organizations new to risk assessments, Vanta provides pre-built content to conserve resources. This includes a risk library with dozens of common risk scenarios and suggested controls to map them to.

For companies with more mature risk management practices, Vanta provides the flexibility to customize the system to be consistent with your internal practices: terminology, risk scoring dimensions, and more. The solution also has the ability to assign tasks and integrate them with popular task tracker systems.

Comprehensive and integrated

Our Risk Management solution uses the ISO 27005 risk assessment guidelines and methodology to address the five main stages of a risk assessment. Utilize our comprehensive process that meets the criteria for all major standards, such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, and HIPAA. 

This solution integrates into our broader platform, offering a unified dashboard to monitor and manage your organization’s entire compliance, security, and risk management program.

A screenshot of an information security dashboard.
A screen shot of a risk management dashboard.

Flexible and future-proof

Our solution’s flexible yet robust capabilities accommodate any organization’s size or scope — from SMBs concerned with a single framework, to large enterprises concerned with multiple frameworks, industry-specific requirements, and internal audit.

Build or import custom risk and remediation plans while strengthening existing processes with custom policies and controls. The flexibility of our Risk Management solution allows us to help you scale your security program alongside the growth of your business.

“With Vanta, our organization is actively alerted when we are at risk of falling out of compliance, missing an SLA, or a document or action is coming due. This greatly reduces the human resources I have to commit to staying compliant.”

Chad McAvoy, Co-Founder and CIO

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Product updates

Improve your risk posture: Introducing Risk Management customization

Today we’re excited to announce Risk Management customization, a collection of new capabilities in our platform that enhance the existing Risk Management solution and give you more flexibility to enable custom risk management scoring and prioritization.

Improve your risk posture: Introducing Risk Management customization
Improve your risk posture: Introducing Risk Management customization
Coffee & compliance demystifying risk assessment.

Coffee & Compliance: Demystifying risk assessment

Join cybersecurity and data privacy expert Matt Cooper on this episode of Coffee & Compliance for a quick and informative overview of a risk assessment.

Coffee & Compliance: Demystifying risk assessment
Coffee & Compliance: Demystifying risk assessment
A magnifying glass on a red background.
ISO 27001

Risk assessment 101: Working backwards from the controls

Matt Cooper, Principal, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, shares how to work backwards with a controls framework for assessing risk in order to meet the requirements for ISO 27001 compliance.

Risk assessment 101: Working backwards from the controls
Risk assessment 101: Working backwards from the controls

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