Coffee & Compliance: How to Proactively Manage Vendor Risk

Implementing a robust vendor management program is far from straightforward. Compliance frameworks such as SOC 2 and ISO 27001 don’t provide suggestions or best practices, leaving IT and security teams to figure out how to meet requirements to successfully pass their audit. And with more SaaS applications being used by businesses than ever before, a robust vendor management strategy is critical to protecting sensitive data.

Ready to learn how to proactively manage third-party risk, streamline security reviews, and strengthen your security posture? Join Aaron Kraus, Director of InfoSec at Butterfly MX, and Gig Walsh, Director of Security and Compliance at LinkSquares on June 20 at 12 PM PST as they discuss best practices for vendor risk management with Eric Martin, Head of Sales at Vanta in this live webinar discussion

This webinar will cover:

  1. Designing vendor security review processes that enable business stakeholders
  2. How to objectively and consistently assess vendor risk
  3. Best practices for working with auditors assessing your third party risk management program

If you can’t make the live session on June 20 at 12 PM PST, please register anyway, and we’ll send you a link to the recording!

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Eric Martin was the first sales hire at Vanta and led all sales for his first three years here. He now leads our strategic sales organization, helping us launch and scale new products. He lives in San Francisco.

Aaron (AK) combines a professional background of infosec risk management with writing and teaching skills spanning 20 years across government, financial services, and tech startups. He's currently the Director of InfoSec at ButterflyMX and serves as the Dean of Cyber Curriculum for Learning Tree International, as well as consulting on SOC 2 implementation through his firm akSES, LLC.

Gig Walsh is an experienced information security executive highly proficient in implementing effective strategies and programs. He provides direct guidance and oversight to GRC projects, offering practical solutions for complex risk and compliance challenges. His expertise lies in aligning security activities with business objectives, streamlining processes, managing risks, and optimizing resource efficiencies.

Eric Martin

Head of Sales

Aaron Kraus

Director of InfoSec at Butterfly MX

Gig Walsh

Director Security and Compliance at LinkSquares