Scaling with security: How to streamline your ISO 27001 certification

B2B SaaS companies looking to grow rapidly know the value of proving their security posture to customers and prospects. ISO 27001 is the international gold standard for information security management. It is the only auditable international security standard that demonstrates your organization’s commitment to information security best practices.

Often, the long, complicated path to certification serves as a roadblock to ISO 27001. In this on-demand webinar, Matt Cooper, Senior Manager of Privacy, Risk, and Compliance at Vanta, will help demystify the path to ISO 27001 along with Salieu Mansaray, Chief Information Security Officer at Mammoth Analytics who will share their journey of using compliance automation to streamline their ISO 27001 compliance.

In this on-demand webinar you'll learn:

  • How being ISO 27001 certified benefits your business
  • The five main requirements in the certification process
  • How automation can lead to a more cost-effective path to ISO 27001 compliance
  • The value of continuous security monitoring during the two-year surveillance audit