Coming soon: The Vanta Community

The internet’s newest town square for all things compliance, security, and data privacy

Historically, security and compliance have been shrouded in fear, uncertainty, and doubt. But these can only exist in the absence of knowledge, dialogue, and curiosity. Our mission to build a more trustworthy internet involves more than automation and technology—it involves you.

Vanta is excited to announce our plan to launch a new experience designed to bring together the best and brightest minds in security and compliance. The Vanta Community will be a dedicated space for you and your peers to ask questions, find solutions, and share expertise.

Whether you’re a customer, partner, or just really love llamas, we encourage you to get involved and help us build a thriving community. In the upcoming months, we’ll be reaching out to volunteers with feedback opportunities, invitations to early previews, and more.

Share your contact information below to keep in touch. Stay tuned!

Vanta automates security compliance.
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