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Satisfying 90% of inbound security requests

ZoomInfo’s Trust Center ensures their prospects and customers can seamlessly access the information they need to make a buying decision.

Automating 8-10 security reviews per day

With Vanta, ZoomInfo is able to automate manual security reviews, giving precious time back to their InfoSec team to run their security programs.

Saving 3 to 4 hours a week on meetings and reporting

Zoominfo’s Privacy and Compliance team can track risks across the business in one place instead of doing so manually across multiple spreadsheets and documents.

“Our big opportunity as a compliance team is looking at every compliance activity as a sales activity.”

Leah Bosé
Senior Privacy Compliance Manager, ZoomInfo
The company

Powering go-to-market with real-time insights and data 

ZoomInfo is on a mission to modernize go-to-market for all. Founded in 2007 to help businesses unlock their growth potential with better data, the company went public in 2020 and now has more than 3,500 employees across 10 offices. 

As the go-to-market platform that helps businesses find, acquire, and grow customers, ZoomInfo maintains a large and robust database. Committed to putting compliance first, the company has built a world-class team to uphold the highest standards in their data privacy and security compliance practices. 

Leah Bosé joined ZoomInfo in 2022 as Senior Privacy Compliance Manager on the Privacy and Compliance team. They're responsible for keeping the organization well-positioned in the dynamic world of security and privacy regulations. In addition, Leah’s team saw an opportunity in the business — asking themselves how they can help sales win more deals by building and deepening trust with customers.

The challenge

Maintaining customer trust without the manual work 

With new state laws coming into effect and AI regulations rapidly evolving, security and compliance are top of mind for many of ZoomInfo’s customers. “As the compliance team, what we can do is support our sales team in making sure our customers feel comfortable with our overall practices and what we’re doing to make sure everything is secure,” Leah says. 

Today ZoomInfo serves over 35,000 companies, including more than half of the Fortune 100. At that scale, there’s a constant drumbeat of salespeople reaching out to the InfoSec team for security and compliance documentation to share with customers. 

“Previously, our InfoSec team was having to manually complete 8-10 requests a day, whether it was for a SOC 2 report or an ISO certification. Those little things really add up when the InfoSec team has to stop what they’re doing to send those reports,” Leah explains. 

The solution

Scaling trust to accelerate topline revenue

Through Vanta’s trust management platform, ZoomInfo was able to launch a public-facing Trust Center to provide customers and prospects with direct access to their security and compliance documentation. This is able to satisfy around 90% of inbound questions before anyone on the team needs to jump in.

What prospects and customers see when visiting ZoomInfo's Trust Center

Now, with just a few clicks, customers can sign an NDA and download documents directly from ZoomInfo’s Trust Center instead of having to request them each time through a sales rep. With Vanta’s Salesforce integration, ZoomInfo can also automatically approve access to contacts they already have a relationship with, saving yet another step in the buyer’s journey. All these automations mean time back for the InfoSec team to focus on running security-critical programs and activities.

In addition to speeding up the sales cycle, Leah and her team are able to measure the revenue associated with their Trust Center. “One of the things we were really wanting to see with the Trust Center was more detailed data analytics,” says Leah. “With the Salesforce integration, we’re able to see exactly how many dollars in revenue are directly touching the Trust Center.”

Vanta gives Leah and her team insight into which documents have been viewed, and which haven’t, helping to inform their documentation strategy for the future. They can also see which prospects have requested access, which ones converted, and attribute a dollar amount to those interactions to demonstrate the business impact of their security and compliance programs.

The impact

Growing and unifying risk management with Vanta

Given the ZoomInfo team’s success with Trust Center, Leah and her team turned to Vanta again when they were starting a brand new enterprise risk management program and needed a solution that combined ease of use with powerful customization capabilities. “We looked at Vanta specifically because we really liked working with the team and we loved Trust Center, so it  was a natural segue into the risk management product,” says Leah. 

Now, with Vanta’s Risk Management solution, the team can track risks across the business in one place instead of doing so manually across multiple spreadsheets and documents, saving them 3-4 hours per week on updates and reporting alone. Vanta also enabled them to build a risk heat map in just one week in preparation for an audit committee meeting.

Looking ahead, Leah is focused on further scaling ZoomInfo’s enterprise risk management program. “Because the technology landscape is always changing, keeping an eye on internal risks is a top priority and Vanta is our one-stop shop to see the status of everything.” 


“Working with Vanta, it almost feels like the sky's the limit. It’s nice to partner with a team that’s so responsive to what will make our lives easier and sees the value in their customers.”

Leah Bosé
Senior Privacy Compliance Manager, ZoomInfo
Leah Bosé
Senior Privacy Compliance Manager, ZoomInfo

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