Build trust proactively to win more deals

Vanta transforms trust-building by speeding up security assessment responses, resulting in more successful deals.

Empowering businesses of all sizes through advanced workflows and continuous security monitoring, Vanta's Trust Center helps you showcase your commitment to security to instill trust in prospects and customers. Plus, when you need to respond to security questionnaires, harness the power of Vanta AI for speed and accuracy.

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Shorten deal timelines by 30%, enabling your sales team to quickly respond to customer inquiries

Streamline operations by centralizing information and integrating seamlessly with tools such as DocuSign and Salesforce

Speed up security questionnaire responses with Vanta AI, drawing insights from past questionnaires and documents

The security and compliance platform trusted by more than 6,000 customers.

We scale with you for every stage of growth


Secure new deals, validate market fit, and reach the milestones you need to unlock funding.

Hyper Growth

Enter - and win - new markets with a security compliance program that adapts to your changing needs.


Drive efficiency in your security program and reduce risk with better visibility into your people, vendors, and assets.

Learn why we're rated the leading security compliance solution by over 5,000 customers.

“I felt like I needed a lot of guidance, I didn’t know what I was doing. But with my CSM at Vanta we got ready for ISO 27001 and SOC 2 in a couple of months.”

CEO, Small Business

“Vanta has been helpful to maintain up-to-date records of our systems and security program and has proven to be useful in building trust with customers.

CEO, Small Business

“Vanta solves setting up a good set of security and trust principles and monitors their achievement, and then makes the proof of these achievements readily available for auditors.

CEO, Small Business

“Vanta has allowed us to provide customers with a heightened sense of trust and security.

CEO, Small Business Leader, year after year

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