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Vanta can help you prepare for audit or attestation to multiple, global frameworks at once. Building a global compliance program early on helps you expand to new markets and take on new customers.

Overcoming challenges

Solving our customers’ biggest challenges


Many growing technology companies are time-constrained, leading them to make compromises in their security and compliance strategy. 

Our Solution

Compliance uncompromised

We make it simple to get all the frameworks you need at once so you can operate confidently in multiple regions – no compromises required. Reapply overlapping controls to multiple frameworks to get compliant in as little as a week, and lean on our industry-leading automaton and in-app guidance to complete attestations for only 10% of the cost of traditional audit firms.
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Operating in multiple regions unearths a number of complexities due to varying local regulations and customer expectations. 

Our Solution

Unified oversight of data privacy and security

We streamline and simplify the process of getting compliant with existing and emerging regulations. Where laws demand stringent processes for the collection and use of consumer data, we help you build the policies, processes, and notices needed to demonstrate trust and prove your ability to keep data secure. 
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Regional product lines, divisions, or subsidiaries may be needed to operate successfully across multiple countries, but this often multiplies the effort required to remain compliant.  

Our Solution

Optimized compliance for multiple business units

Vanta Workspaces reduces the effort required to manage compliance for multiple product lines, business units or subsidiaries. Create policies and set up tests for one product, and apply that same work to multiple product lines. With Workspaces, we provide a unified view of all your security and compliance efforts so you can effectively manage and reduce risk across multiple products from one dashboard. 
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Build your security & compliance foundation



Demonstrate your organization’s ability to effectively safeguard the security and privacy of customer data with SOC 2 attestation.

ISO 27001 badge
ISO 27001

Prove your security posture with the international gold standard for information security management.


If you have or plan to sell to customers in the EU, GDPR compliance is a must to avoid the serious - and costly - consequences of a GDPR violation.

US Data Privacy

Successfully navigate the maze of individual US state-level privacy laws, including CCPA/CPRA, with one comprehensive data privacy framework available only from Vanta.

ISO 27701

Enhance privacy compliance and reduce the risk of regulatory infractions by certifying that you have established, implemented, maintain and continue to improve a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS).

Custom Frameworks

Leverage your existing controls and policies, or pull from our library of tests and templates, to tailor your security and compliance programs to the specific needs of your organization.

Enhanced Offerings

Access Reviews

Strengthen your security posture with a fast, automated way to consolidate your account access data to ensure that only approved users can access sensitive data and company tools.

Risk Management

Complete a comprehensive risk assessment to reduce risk to business and customer data, pass audits, and build a stronger compliance and security posture.

Vendor Risk Management

Automate and simplify vendor security reviews to complete reviews in a fraction of the time – and for 90% less cost.


Put forth your strongest compliance practices across every product or business line without duplicating the effort. Workspaces makes it easier to replicate, manage, and scale best-in-class compliance practices across each of your business units or product lines. 

Core Capabilities

Continuous Monitoring

Automated hourly tests provide visibility into your security and compliance posture; real-time alerts and actionable advice will help you remediate issues as they arise.

Employee Management

We automate the workflows associated with employee trainings and on- and offboarding processes to help maintain the security of your organization.

Policy Templates

Our policy templates efficiently translate business practices into formal, easy-to-track policies that ensure your team remains compliant.

Custom Controls

Maximize efficiency by importing your company’s existing control set directly into Vanta to automate tests and create frameworks unique to your maturing security needs.

When we started, we wanted to embed a healthy security and compliance culture from day one – rather than retrofitting good practice down the line – Vanta helped us set off on the right foot.

Chris Evans, Co-founder & CPO
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