Security and Compliance Foundations

Shortcut compliance without shortchanging security 

If you’re just beginning your security and compliance journey, Vanta makes it easy to get up and running in weeks, not months. 

Overcoming challenges

Innovative Solutions for Your Business


Companies lack the internal expertise needed to set up a compliance program and are unsure where to start.

Our Solution

An adaptable foundation based on proven best practices

We make it easy to jumpstart your security and compliance program with policy templates and prescriptive guidance for addressing potential threats. We help you establish a solid foundation grounded in industry best practices.
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Deal cycles have slowed or completely stalled due to long security questionnaires and unnecessary hurdles to prove your security posture. 

Our Solution

Compliance in as little as two weeks to accelerate growth

We help you fast-track deals even before your audit is complete with Vanta Trust Reports. We can also get you SOC 2 or ISO 27001 compliant faster than any other solution - for SOC 2 Type I, in as little as two weeks. Thanks to our industry-leading automation and Seamless Audit offering, you get on auditors’ calendars in record time.
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For teams without dedicated personnel, security tasks add to the already heavy workload of critical employees.

Our Solution

Automate more of the small stuff and stay focused on the big things

We automate more evidence collection and testing than any other automated compliance platform - including up to 90% of the work required to get ready for SOC 2. We offer a single tool to manage your compliance program, making it easier for those wearing multiple hats to spend less time on compliance and more time focusing on the big things, like building or selling your product.
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Build your security & compliance foundation



Demonstrate your organization’s ability to effectively safeguard the security and privacy of customer data with SOC 2 attestation.

ISO 27001

Prove your security posture with the international gold standard for information security management.

Completing ISO 27001 gets you 90% of the way there.

These lightweight frameworks do some heavy lifting to allow you to demonstrate your ability to secure PII and cloud environments.

ISO 27017

Verify your company as a trusted SaaS provider by implementing the controls needed to secure cloud environments.

ISO 20018 Badge

ISO 27018

Become a brand users know they can trust by protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in public cloud computing environments.

Enhanced Offerings

Seamless Audit

Access the Vanta platform and an independent, highly-regarded SOC 2 or ISO 27001 auditor in one simple transaction, for one great price.

Trust Reports

Accelerate deal cycles, demonstrate your security, and proactively address frequently asked questions  - even before you have a compliance report in hand.

Questionnaire Automation

Stay on top of customer requests, avoid slowdowns in the sales cycle, and free up time by automating security review questionnaires.

Core Capabilities

Continuous Monitoring

Automated hourly tests provide visibility into your security and compliance posture; real-time alerts and actionable advice will help you remediate issues as they arise.

Policy Templates

Our policy templates efficiently translate business practices into formal, easy-to-track policies that ensure your team remains compliant.


Store documents and automate data gathering in one centralized location so that it's easy to provide the evidence you need for audits and compliance management. 

Employee Management

We automate the workflows associated with employee trainings and on- and offboarding processes to help maintain the security of your organization.

“Vanta saved us from having to hire someone full-time or pay consultants to help us manage and maintain compliance. From an ROI perspective, that’s an annual six-figure savings.”

Scott Haney, Head of Revenue Operations
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In this guide, we share the recommended approach to successful implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) according to the ISO 27001 standard to help prepare your organization to undergo an independent evaluation of your ISMS in order to obtain your ISO 27001 certification.