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Build trust proactively

Stay ahead of customer concerns and instill confidence in your security practices. Vanta’s continuous security monitoring helps you address risks in real-time. Integrate your Trust Report on your website as a security page or send share out via a secure link.

Vanta Trust Reports allow you to avoid doing repetitive work for each deal. Build a company-branded, customized Trust Report once and use it multiple times to answer commonly asked security questions.

Speed up security reviews

With Vanta Trust Reports, you can address your prospects' security questions up front and stop wasting time with back and forth exchanges.

Continually prove your security posture by displaying the real-time status of commonly asked for tests and controls. And an automated NDA process allows you to quickly share more security documentation when required.

Avoid surprise deal blockers

Address security questions and overcome objections before they even arise to prime your deals for a smoother flow.

Prepare for the next deal cycle with metrics and insights into viewer engagement so you know what information is most valuable to your prospects.

“As an early-stage company, we have to work hard to demonstrate we're taking security seriously. With Vanta Trust Reports, we can clearly articulate the certifications, controls, and practices we have in place, which instills trust and accelerates our sales cycles.”
Christopher Evans, Co-Founder and CPO,

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