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Vanta is "security in a box" for technology companies — we build a suite of simple, effective, and easy-to-deploy tools powerful enough to take a company through full SOC 2 compliance.

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We're a growing team of smart, respectful, and curious folks with diverse backgrounds.

  • One of us tried to buy a Theranos centrifuge, while another of us traveled around China for four months before starting at Vanta.
  • One of us has a graduate degree in Japanese literature, and another was nearly a double major in computer science and film – you'll have to ask the second person about the “nearly."
  • We've started tutoring, eBay shops, security, and sports-media businesses before.
  • Company perk: fresh lemons from one of our (overactive) lemon trees.


We love our office in the Mechanics Institute, outside the Montgomery BART stop, in San Francisco. The Institute was founded in 1854 to equip mechanics – out-of-work gold miners, really – with the skills needed to earn livings.

The fourth floor of Mechanics holds the nation’s oldest, continually-operating chess room, and we're always up for chess games.

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