ISO 27001 and HIPAA compliance support now available on Vanta!
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Restore trust in internet software

Vanta is built on the idea that software can be used to do amazing things for the world – if we trust it to do so. We build security tools that help internet businesses get secure and prove their security, and we can’t do it alone. Would you like to help?

What we do

We started by building the simplest way for a company to prepare for a SOC 2 assessment.

We started with SOC 2 because it was the most common way for an internet business to prove its security. In the course of building for SOC 2, we built out a suite of security tools that every internet business needs: laptop management, account monitoring, employee onboarding and offboarding, cloud infrastructure configuration, policy documentation, and more.

Over time, we’ll add additional certifications (HIPAA, ISO 27001) and partner with industry experts to bolster the ways a business’ security is proved. We’re just getting started.

Our goal is to demystify internet security to the average person, equipping beginners with sane defaults and growing them into security-savvy principals. We see a world in which companies protect customer data and are worthy of your trust.

What Vanta does
How Vanta works

How we work

We care a ton about working with people motivated by enabling others. Our customers feel this – say, by concentrating on building their products, rather than deciphering compliance lingo – and others at Vanta do too – perhaps when someone automates a tedious process so a coworker can focus on analysis.

We aim for transparency at Vanta, from setting goals to clarifying decisions. Knowing where we’re going and how we’re doing helps everyone make better decisions. We prefer to work with people who thrive in that full-context, high-ownership environment.

We’ve translated those ways of working into our values:

Start with customer needs, not internal constraints

We start with what our users need and then consider our needs, like infrastructure, partnerships, product roadmap, bandwidth, etc. By starting with our users, we’re more likely to solve their most significant security problems.

Play for your first team before your second team

We each have a strong sense of ownership over the company and our individual domains, but we’re non-territorial about our nominal, functional areas. One of the ways we promote a “first team” mentality is by defaulting toward openness: we share information and results so Vanta’ns can make the best decisions in their work.

Decide with feedback, not consensus

We define the decision maker up front and act before time renders a decision obvious and allows for consensus. Afterward, we share results, solicit feedback, and iterate to improve. We preference identified decision-makers for speed: we have an obligation to our users to move quickly, accumulate security wins, and stack the chessboard.

Explore with curiosity, deliver with quality

We’re curious about the world around us, and when we start a new project, we seek to understand the problem space and prior art. We then tackle the problem in a hypothesis-driven way, experimenting and iterating to a solution that delivers results for customers. Once there, we hold ourselves to high standards because our actions impact our users.

Open Positions


We offer thoughtful and compelling benefits as an integral part of our employee experience:

Industry-competitive salary and equity
Medical (mental and physical health), dental, and vision COVERAGE
Paid parental leave for all parents
401(k) plan
Flexible work hours and location
Ergonomically-friendly workspace equipment
Open paid-time-off policy and 10 company holidays
Generous monthly stipend for commute to our SF office
Health and wellness focused company activities

Beyond those table stakes, our greatest benefit may be the opportunity to build a fundamental piece of internet infrastructure: how a business becomes trustworthy.


We’re a growing team of smart, respectful, and curious folks with diverse backgrounds:

Vanta team

One of us nearly bought a Theranos centrifuge, while another traveled around China for four months before starting at Vanta

What we’ve studied formally doesn’t necessarily match what we do now; one of our engineers has a PhD in Japanese literature, and another nearly has a film BA. Our first PM learned experimental design while studying Biology

Prior to Vanta, we've started tutoring businesses, eBay shops, a mobile app, a music label, and a moneyball investment firm

We have Slack channels for #musicroom (including recommendations from our two resident DJs), #trivia (especially from Only Connect), and #VantasGotTalent (featuring talented yogis, make-up artists, chefs, athletes, and musicians!)

Non-standard company perks: fresh lemons from one of our (overactive) lemon trees; adorable cat photos from Rogue and Jubilee; yoga instruction from certified pros


 In our home-base of San Francisco, we have a bright and sunny office in Hayes Valley, near coffee shops, restaurants, a park, and transportation. These days, to keep our team safe and sound, we’ve shifted our operations for employees to work successfully from anywhere.

Vanta automates compliance starting with SOC 2
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