Vanta automates security compliance.
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Our values are our operating principles

Vanta’s mission is to secure the internet and protect consumer data. To do that, we’re building an enduring company where all Vanta’ns can do the best work of their careers. Building that enduring company together necessitates articulating how we work and how we make decisions - we call these our “Principles.”

We use these Principles for hiring new Vanta’ns and in the day-to-day of building Vanta. They’re the core tenets that guide how we work, how we hire, and how we interact with customers and partners.

A Vanta'n will...

Put our customers first

We center our customers and their needs in our work, and invest in long-term relationships with them. What and how we build is driven by our customers first and foremost, so that we’re more likely to achieve our mission of securing the internet.

Do what it says on the tin

We are building a trust management platform to allow all companies to build and prove their security continuously, and building that platform requires trust. For Vanta to earn and keep that trust, all Vanta’ns must hold themselves to the highest standards, and be truthful, humble, and accountable, especially when we (inevitably) make mistakes along the way.

Lead with resilience

Vanta created, and leads, a dynamic, enormous market. As such, Vanta’ns often find themselves in rapidly changing situations where expectations and direction are unclear, and where external parties may not practice our principles. We don’t let day-to-day volatility knock us off course - we operate with resilience and fortitude. We see rapid change as an opportunity to continue redefining an industry in service of our customers.

Bias for action

All Vanta’ns bias for action, which means that they make decisions and act quickly even in the face of uncertainty, and are willing to make mistakes in the process. We know that most decisions are “two-way doors.” When we get new information, we’re comfortable with reversing decisions as long as we move quickly so we can iterate and learn.

Decide with frameworks

While Vanta’ns are charged with making decisions quickly, we also make them deliberately based on turning every page and creating frameworks - systems and structures explaining, supporting, and generalizing our decisions. We develop and use frameworks to evaluate alternatives neutrally, focus requests for feedback, explain the “why” behind decisions, and ensure that similar decisions in the future are made consistently.

Presume good intent

Special companies are built by teams, not individuals. As Vanta’ns, we naturally support and uplift our teammates and partners. We are kind to and respectful of Vanta’ns, partners, customers, and even competitors - and we presume good intent, especially with teammates.