Vanta automates security compliance.
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Our values are our operating principles

Vanta’s mission is to secure the internet and protect consumer data. To do that, we’re building an enduring company where Vanta’ns can do their best work. Building that enduring company together necessitates articulating how we make decisions and work together. We call these our principles.

We use our principles in the day-to-day of building Vanta; they’re less philosophical beliefs and more quotidien tenets that guide how we work, how we hire, and how we interact with customers and partners. A Vanta’n will...

A Vanta'n will...

Put customers first

We invest in long-term relationships with customers and put them at the center of our work. What and how we build is driven by our customers’ needs so that we’re more likely to achieve our mission of securing the internet.

Do what it says on the tin

We are building a trustless network where any company can verify security continuously. In order to do that, it’s critical that Vanta’ns be truthful, be accountable, and make improvements when we (inevitably) make mistakes along the way.

Turn every page

We run toward the many problems we get to solve, and we hold ourselves accountable for solving them. Solving novel problems often means diving deep – into data, into anecdotes, with customers, and with other Vanta’ns – to understand the issue before we own solutions.

Bias for action, commit to iteration

We have a bias for action, preferring Vanta’ns to make decisions quickly, even in the face of notable uncertainty. When we get new information, we’re comfortable adjusting, fixing, doubling down, or reversing these decisions. We love “strong convictions, loosely held” and prefer to launch and iterate to the right outcome rather than strategize the way there. Speed matters.

Decide with frameworks

We make decisions deliberately based on frameworks, not impulses. We’re not prescriptive about which frameworks to use, but we use them to evaluate alternatives neutrally, focus requests for feedback, and explain the “why” behind decisions.

Stay curious

We’re curious about the world around us and always hungry to know more about it. Security and compliance has historically been shrouded in fear, uncertainty, and doubt; we break that down for our teammates, our customers, and for our industry.

Presume good intent

We believe company-building is a team sport, and we're looking for people who support their teammates in addition to holding high standards. Vanta’ns are fundamentally kind to and respectful of teammates, partners, customers, and even competitors.