Continuous Trust

Best practices to
establish ongoing trust

There comes a point in a company’s growth trajectory when closing just any deal is not enough. The goal is to close larger customers and to expand your relationship over time. Vanta helps you overcome challenges and differentiate from competitors by demonstrating trust to the market.

Overcoming challenges

Addressing our customers’ greatest challenges


As companies grow, there’s usually a desire to sell to larger customers, yet these customers will only buy from companies with rigorous security practices.

Our Solution

Improved security with unified visibility & control

We unite your GRC and security efforts and combine information across multiple systems, helping you reduce risks to your business and your brand. With specialized frameworks that demonstrate security and privacy across a number of domains, you’ll have the assurance needed to gain the trust of larger, more demanding customers.
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Succeeding in new regions requires understanding of and adherence to local regulations.

Our Solution

Scalable security for multiple markets

We help you build a unified, scalable security and compliance strategy that can be applied to multiple product lines, industries and geographies. With one platform to manage risks and remediation, track compliance with regional security standards, and demonstrate these efforts to your customers, you have the tools you’ll need to establish trust with customers in new markets.
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Now, more than ever, customers have more options for who they do business with – this has not only made building long term relationships more important, but also more of a challenge.

Our Solution

Continuous trust for longer term connections

We help companies establish and deepen trust with their customers for the long term. We provide greater visibility across your people, assets, and vendors and strengthen your ability to mitigate and remediate the risks that arise from these groups. Finally, we help you demonstrate the many ways you’ve worked to secure and protect your business, and customers’ data, increasing the confidence consumers have in your brand.
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Build your security & compliance foundation


Foundational security standards


Demonstrate your organization’s ability to effectively safeguard the security and privacy of customer data with SOC 2 attestation.

ISO 27001

Prove your security posture with the international gold standard for information security management.

Enhanced security and risk management


Establish a systematic way to manage cybersecurity risks with a framework that allows you to measure the effectiveness of and improve upon your risk management processes.

Privacy and consumer data protection


If you have or plan to sell to customers in the EU, GDPR compliance is a must to avoid the serious - and costly - consequences of a GDPR violation. 

US Data Privacy

Successfully navigate the maze of individual US state-level privacy laws, including CCPA/CPRA, with a single comprehensive data privacy framework available only from Vanta.

ISO 27017

Enhance privacy compliance and reduce the risk of regulatory infractions by certifying that you have established, implemented, maintain and continue to improve a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS).

Public sector compliance


Close sought after deals with the US government by completing the mandatory security standard used to assess the security and risk assessment of cloud technology providers.

Third-party partnerships

Microsoft SSPA

Become, or continue to serve as, a Microsoft supplier by adhering to their mandatory compliance standards for working with personal data or confidential information.


Follow the set of mandatory best practices AWS has created for its partners to identify and remediate risks in their software solutions. AWS FTR is required to unlock a host of AWS partner benefits such as the AWS ISV Accelerate Program.

Custom compliance

Custom Frameworks

Leverage your existing controls and policies, or pull from our library of tests and templates, to tailor your security and compliance programs to the specific needs of your organization.

Enhanced offerings

Trust Reports

Accelerate deal cycles, demonstrate your security, and proactively address frequently asked questions - even before you have a compliance report in hand.

Trust Center

Reduce the time your company spends under review with a centralized hub that allows you to complete security questionnaires faster, securely share sensitive documents, and keep stakeholders informed of planned security improvements.

Risk Management

Complete a comprehensive risk assessment to reduce risk to business and customer data, pass audits, and build a stronger compliance and security posture.

Vendor Risk Management

Automate and simplify vendor security reviews to complete reviews in a fraction of the time – and for 90% less cost.

Access Reviews

Strengthen your security posture with a fast, automated way to consolidate your account access data to ensure that only approved users can access sensitive data and company tools.

Core capabilities

Continuous monitoring

Automated hourly tests provide visibility into your security and compliance posture; real-time alerts and actionable advice will help you remediate issues as they arise.

Custom controls

Maximize efficiency by importing your company’s existing control set directly into Vanta to automate tests and create frameworks unique to your maturing security needs.

Employee management

We automate the workflows associated with employee trainings and on- and offboarding processes to help maintain the security of your organization.

Vanta APIs

Take advantage of two different APIs for unparalleled flexibility and customization. Build connections using our GraphQL API to automate work outside of the Vanta platform, or tap into a library of third-party integrations built by our technology partners leveraging our Connectors API.

“We take the security and privacy of customer data personally, because of that, we’re very selective about our partners. Vanta gives us a way to ensure our partners treat data the same way we would. We’re able to verify their security practices and establish a partnership based on trust.”

Fredrick Lee, Chief Security Officer

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Product updates

A new way to proactively manage third-party risk: Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management helps security professionals proactively identify and assess third-party risk, streamline security reviews, and quickly remediate issues.


What is a trust management platform?

How do you get compliant, stay secure, and demonstrate trust continuously? That’s where a trust management platform comes in. Learn more.

Company news

Reimagining the future of trust with Trustpage by Vanta

Vanta announced today its acquisition of Trustpage to transform trust into a marketable advantage for companies around the world.

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