Enhanced Security & Risk Management

Proactive risk management at scale

As your business grows, so too does its risk. Vanta helps you manage against an evermore complex and costly risk landscape - without sacrificing speed.

Overcoming challenges

Solving our customers’ greatest challenges


Growing your business introduces new and more complex risks originating from new tools and systems, a growing headcount, storing and sharing valuable data inside and outside of your organization, and more.

Our Solution

Continuous and proactive risk reduction

We consolidate all your vulnerabilities into a single view and automate checks to track them against the SLAs set out by your program. We streamline vendor security reviews and asset discovery so you can quickly find, and eliminate, points of unauthorized access and proactively address potential threats.
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Disjointed tools and manual processes can cause your security program to unravel over time. This lack of cohesion creates vulnerabilities ripe for exploitation. 
Two people standing in front of a whiteboard with sticky notes.

Our Solution

Build and manage your security program from one central hub

Unify visibility of your security tools using our GraphQL API to create custom dashboards, notifications, and processes. View alerts, remediate risks, and collect the evidence needed to maintain your compliance status in a centralized platform that serves as the command center for your security and compliance program.


Simple security practices protect you from basic threats and help you tick the box for compliance early on, but these rudimentary processes fail to scale as your business grows.
Two people standing in front of a whiteboard with sticky notes.

Our Solution

Build and manage your security program from one central hub

Vanta’s flexibility allows you to BYO custom controls and map them to traditional or custom frameworks to set up the specific testing and monitoring your organization requires. And as your company grows, features such as our employee management workflows and Workspaces solution, for companies with multiple product lines, make it so the time spent managing compliance doesn’t grow with it.

Expand the scope of your security & privacy program


Organizations interested in Enhanced Security and Risk Management typically have already completed SOC 2 and/or ISO 27001. If you have yet to complete either framework, consider our solution for building a foundation in Security and Compliance.


Establish a systematic way to manage cybersecurity risks with a framework that allows you to measure the effectiveness of and improve upon your risk management processes.


Highlight the strength of your security program by attesting to a modern framework that raises the bar for secure software development for B2B organizations. MVSP is a great supplement to SOC 2 as it goes above typical industry standards.


Address the security risks commonly encountered as an emerging financial technology company. OFDSS ensures you have the robust protections in place to protect consumer data and instill confidence in your brand.


Ensure your IT systems are SOX compliant as you prepare to go public or as you prepare for your annual SOX audit.

Custom Frameworks

Leverage your existing controls and policies, or pull from our library of tests and templates, to tailor your security and compliance programs to the specific needs of your organization.

Enhanced Offerings

Access Reviews

Strengthen your security posture with a fast, automated way to consolidate your account access data to ensure that only approved users can access sensitive data and company tools.

Risk Management

Complete a comprehensive risk assessment to reduce risk to business and customer data, pass audits, and build a stronger compliance and security posture.

Vendor Risk Management

Automate and simplify vendor security reviews to complete reviews in a fraction of the time — and for 90% less cost.


Put forth your strongest compliance practices across every product or business line without duplicating the effort. Workspaces makes it easier to replicate, manage, and scale best-in-class compliance practices across each of your business units or product lines.

Core Capabilities

Custom controls

Maximize efficiency by importing your company’s existing control set directly into Vanta to automate tests and create frameworks unique to your maturing security needs.

Vanta APIs

Take advantage of two different APIs for unparalleled flexibility and customization. Build connections using our GraphQL API to automate work outside of the Vanta platform, or tap into a library of third-party integrations built by our technology partners leveraging our Connectors API.

Custom documents

Advanced security programs and custom compliance frameworks often call for unique documentation. We make it easy for you or your auditor to add and request custom evidence directly from our documents tab.

Holistic partner ecosystem

We not only provide access to a comprehensive security tool of record, but also to a partner network of expert service providers, auditors, and technology integrators to simplify your security and compliance journey.

“Vanta stood out as the right platform for us, they really understood our needs as a hyper-growth scale-up and made it easy to transfer everything over... and it’s nice we share the same commitment to securing user data.”

Leo Cunningham, CISO
Flo Health

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Product updates

Introducing Custom Frameworks to the Vanta Platform

Custom controls and custom frameworks help compliance teams centralize and customize the way their security work gets done in Vanta.


The complete guide to MVSP

What is MVSP? Learn how cutting edge companies have created a lightweight universal security starting point for B2B businesses.

ISO 27001

Revolutionize risk: How to manage risk with Vanta

Get a better understanding of excessive risk challenges that can be hard to identify and even harder to manage. We’ll share how Vanta relieves those challenges with our newly enhanced ISO-aligned Risk Management solution.

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