Prove trust and simplify security questionnaires with Vanta + Stacksi

September 20, 2022

We all know that proving security can be difficult. Earlier this summer, Vanta launched Trust Reports to help you proactively demonstrate your commitment to security, externally and in real time. To date, customers’ Trust Reports have been viewed nearly 3,000 times. 

Security questionnaires are a nightmare, does anyone disagree? While the proactive demonstration of trust is helpful, odds are you’ll still encounter prospective customers sending you lengthy documents with a myriad of requests relating to your technology stack. These requests will be similar, but not the same as the last prospect, so you start from scratch each time. We’ve seen employees (builders and sellers) spend hours filling out non-standard and lengthy diligence forms—not to mention the tendency for these to be error-prone. 

Time is of the essence for early-stage businesses, and resources spent completing questionnaires—instead of building products or driving growth—are wasted.

Vanta’s latest partnership with Stacksi enables you to simplify the security questionnaire process for your customers. One of the fastest growing companies in its space, Stacksi, and its NLP algorithms, enable you to complete questionnaires in a fraction of the time. Stacksi doesn’t require previously completed questionnaires or a baseline set of responses, but instead leverages your existing security policies to drive an initial set of answers. It then adapts and fine-tunes those responses over time with the help of AI and a team of experts. Stacksi estimates they will answer 90% - 95% of questions by the third questionnaire.

Our new partnership and integration make this process faster and easier. Link your Vanta account with Stacksi via API to enable a fast and easy flow of information between products. We make it easy for you to create policies and other documents, in any format, and directly upload them into the Stacksi platform. Any work done in Vanta will automatically be updated in Stacksi. Additionally, you can also now buy Stacksi and Vanta together.

How does it work?

By linking Vanta and Stacksi, you can reduce the work required to complete questionnaires and allow employees to focus on the products that move the company forward. Questionnaire completion is as little as four steps away: 

  1. Finish your policies in Vanta
  2. Link your accounts
  3. Let Stacksi’s technology complete the questionnaires
  4. Automatic updates and information flow between products

Stacksi’s AI will continually learn to ensure you aren’t wasting time on repeat questions. The more questionnaires you complete, the more automated the process becomes, continually reducing the time and effort associated with questionnaire completion. 

To ensure questionnaires get completed accurately, and you feel comfortable with the results, Stacksi’s compliance experts review each answer and conduct follow-up calls to ensure everything is answered correctly. 

We believe security reviews don’t need to be painful or cause delays. Vanta provides tools that allow organizations to proactively and reactively prove their security to prospects and close deals faster. 

With Vanta Trust Reports, and the Stacksi-powered questionnaire integration, proving security just got a whole lot faster and easier. Let your sellers, sell, and builders, build. Learn more.

“Vanta's expert team helped analyze our compliance requirements and shared what was needed to complete a SAQ-D. Because of this, we accelerated our timelines, saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in costs.”

Klas Hesselman
Co-founder  |  Flow Networks
Vanta automates security compliance.
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