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Continuous Monitoring that scales


Bureau Works


Lafayette, CA


Translation & Localization





Bureau Works keeps key information connected and updated without hours of data entry.

The Challenge

Bureau Works needed to prove to their existing and prospective clients that they operate within the firmest standards of cyber security compliance possible. With technology constantly changing, Bureau Works had to find a secure and flexible framework that connected into their system to update key information without countless hours of data entry.


The Solution

Bringing the right people at Bureau Works into the process was top-of-mind on the path to SOC 2 certification. Vanta’s people-first approach meant Bureau Works could fold in key players from the beginning of the process and move forward quickly. 

Bureau Works also benefited from the framework of parameters and templates that connect into their own bespoke system, allowing them to update information with agility and ease. Vanta provided a continuous monitoring system that scales and grows with Bureau Works. This framework makes it possible to keep up with Bureau Works’ ever changing landscape while remaining compliant with minimal investment in overhead resources.


The Impact

Vanta’s transparent framework quickly helped Bureau Works understand the policies and nuances necessary to ensure an easy SOC 2 certification. The simplified process, along with client-focused customer service, meant an engaging, clear, and accurate certification.


Trying to do things in a more efficient and effective manner when it comes to certifications is long overdue. Vanta has a forward facing attitude that echoes with how I see things.

Gabriel Fairman
Founder & CEO | Bureau Works

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