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Stronger HIPAA compliance than previous solutions


Care Directives









Care Directives eliminates the barriers of sharing patient healthcare directive documents.

The Challenge

HIPAA compliance and security are the number one concern for the team at Care Directives. Launched in 2016, the team started out using a third party platform that had security and monitoring baked into it; unfortunately this platform required the service provider to fix any issues and add features to Care Directives cloud, which occurred at a pace that did not keep up with a lean and agile company like Care Directives. The team needed a compliance monitoring solution that would allow them to manage their own infrastructure on AWS, but feared leaving behind the security posture built into their existing provider.

The Solution

Vanta’s integration with AWS made it possible for Care Directives to pursue this migration while keeping it secure and adhering to compliance controls. With infrastructure being secured, the team could have better control over their systems and give more focus to other critical areas of their business. Onboarding took less than three weeks and all employees had completed security awareness training seamlessly. The employee side of compliance is easily managed within Vanta MDM connections to store all employee info conveniently in one place with annual reminders to complete training.


The Impact

With Vanta, the team is able to achieve a stronger level of continued compliance at 20% of the cost from their previous solution. Vanta enabled Care Directives to better manage and control their own infrastructure and have greater control over the security of their business, systems, and employees. The Care Directives compliance team has peace of mind knowing Vanta’s automated monitoring helps provide the compliance necessary to avoid the pitfalls of point-in-time compliance, where risks slip through the cracks.

How does this compare to previous solutions?

Care Directives implemented much stronger policies thanks to Vanta’s templates. These policies are continuously monitored with deeper integration capabilities in order to consistently improve their overall security posture.


Vanta monitors our HIPAA Compliance so we can focus on the needs of our customers with confidence that our business is following the proper security controls.

Matthew Wiley
Cofounder & Chief Technology Officer | Care Directives

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