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Kustomer wins the business of large enterprise clients with SOC 2




New York


Customer Service CRM platform


Security monitoring, SOC 2



Kustomer strives to make personalized, efficient and effortless customer service a reality for any business. As an omni-channel SaaS platform with powerful AI capabilities, they enable companies to deliver customized support-- transforming the customer experience for brands like Glossier, Glovo and Capsule.

The Challenge

From the start, Kustomer’s approach to customer service had immediate appeal to enterprise companies. But like most startups, Kustomer lacked the compliance reports that these larger prospects asked them to provide. Without those reports, Kustomer’s engineering team often needed to fill out security questionnaires - draining precious engineering hours and slowing down sales cycles.


Kustomer knew they needed a better solution, fast, when their largest deal ground to a halt over a mandatory requirement for a SOC 2 report.

The Solution

Kustomer chose Vanta to build trust in their brand, win their prospects’ business, and ultimately prepare for a SOC 2 audit. They were contractually obligated to be SOC 2 compliant by the end of year so valued Vanta’s prescriptive approach and automation.


Vanta helped Kustomer’s team work backwards from their audit date and set milestones to ensure they’d meet the deadline. Kustomer connected Vanta to their infrastructure and Vanta ran continuous tests on Kustomer’s business systems to generate a prioritized to-do list. Working from the list, the team remediated each gap and implemented technical controls.


Kustomer also took advantage of Vanta’s suite of tools streamlining the non- technical components of a SOC 2. With audit evidence consolidated in one place, a Vanta partner audit firm used Vanta software to gather information for the SOC 2 report - saving Kustomer hours of manual work and screenshots.

Vanta customer image

Vanta was almost too good to be true. Without it, it’s hard to know where to even start but everything went as described. We hit all of our timelines--it was honestly painless

Jeremy Suriel


In just a couple months of work, Kustomer achieved a clean SOC 2 Type I report and won the business of their largest enterprise clients.


By continuously monitoring their systems, Kustomer earned a SOC 2 Type II report months later with relative ease – all the while improving their overall security posture.

Vanta automates compliance starting with SOC 2
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