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Loryn, Product Management

Meet Loryn! 👋

Loryn is a Product Manager on the Product team at Vanta. She's been at Vanta since April 2020.

Tell us about your role at Vanta.

I work with Christina (CEO), Matt (Head of Engineering), and Boris (our new Product Lead) to execute on Vanta’s company strategy, and to deliver features that create a delightful customer experience, reflect our business needs, and move Vanta’s product strategy forward.

As a PM, I’m part of the Engineering, Product, and Design (EPD) team. Our other teams at Vanta are the Go-to-Market (G2M) and Customer Experience (CX) teams. I work closely with our engineers day-to-day, and collaborate often with our G2M and CX teams, too. My role as a PM is truly cross-functional, touching all departments at Vanta, which I really enjoy.

What made you realize this was the right career field for you? 

I realized a lot of things were NOT the right career field for me, to start. Through this process, I learned the elements of a career that I’d really enjoy.

One thing that wasn’t right for me: pharmaceutical manufacturing. This involved actually being in the lab, making pharmaceutical drugs. I did like the project management and problem-solving aspects of the job as I gained more responsibility. Another area that wasn’t quite right: customer success and project management. In customer success, I really liked talking to customers and helping them find creative solutions to their problems within the constraints of our current product. What was missing was then being able to change or impact our product for our customers. 

As I progressed through my career, I was moving closer to product management, but I didn’t know it was a viable career option until I moved to the Bay Area and started working in tech. At one company, I realized I wanted to be a product manager, but it wasn’t a possibility. I moved to another company as a project manager, with a path clearly outlined to move into a product manager role. 

I’ve found that I’m interested in a variety of different products — Vanta is very different from any product I’ve worked on before!

How do you stay connected to your team while everyone is remote? 

At Vanta, our Slack donut-bot (a bot that randomly matches us with another Vanta’n every other week for a short Zoom “coffee”) is super helpful! I also create my own donuts by putting time on people’s calendars to catch up with them. :) I really enjoy the flexibility of working from home and I’m lucky to have a home office, which helps with separation — I strictly do not enter my office during non-work hours.

What excites you about Vanta’s product?

We have product-market fit, but there’s still a ton of opportunity for new markets, expanding our existing market, and changing the compliance landscape — all in alignment with our company vision. Compliance is interesting to me because it’s fairly straightforward and established, but the reason I came to Vanta was the opportunity to grow into the security landscape and explore this idea of an untapped and emerging space. This is likely a several-year vision — we need to familiarize ourselves with the market, create a product, and sell a product. Right now, our product and sales pitch resonate very well in the compliance world, and there’s a lot we can do to further the concept of continuous security monitoring in the future.

What’s your favorite quarantine activity? 

Pickleball! I used to play Ultimate Frisbee, and in the Ultimate community, most of us are either playing Pickleball or taking up mountain biking since we can’t Frisbee. Pickleball is played on a court with a paddle and a wiffle ball — if you look up a video, it’s a mix between ping pong and tennis.

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