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Affinity reduces audit surprises with Vanta's automated evidence collection




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Affinity is building the global platform to power relationship intelligence for professionals.

The Challenge

Affinity wanted to ensure that they were in compliance with industry-leading security standards. They also wanted an easy way to communicate their security practices to their customers

The Solution

Achieving SOC 2 compliance and certification with Vanta tackled both of Affinity’s needs at the same time. As Affinity started preparing for their SOC 2, Vanta supported them in their initial time investment to set up tooling and processes, ensuring that they would consistently comply with industry-leading controls. That initial preparation for their SOC 2 Type I report meant they needed only a few hours to get ready for their Type II report later in the year. 

Once Affinity worked with Vanta to set up their compliance processes, the audit itself was a breeze. The standard week (or more) of work with an auditor to collect evidence was transformed into just a few hours over a video call — speedy, painless, and surprise-free. Vanta’s continuous monitoring provided Affinity’s auditor with access to ample evidence about their compliance with their established controls — making it quick and easy to verify compliance and issue their SOC 2 report, ready to share with their security-savvy customers.


The Impact

With security at the heart of their customers’ trust in their business, Affinity knew they wanted to go beyond checking a box on compliance — they wanted to improve security in a meaningful way. Vanta’s ongoing monitoring and alerting was key to making it happen.

Considering the efficiencies they’ve gained in preparing for and conducting audits, Affinity estimates they’ve reclaimed weeks of time every year by working with Vanta — time they can now use to focus on proactive, forward-looking security initiatives.

3 reasons Affinity chose Vanta:

  • Vanta’s ongoing, automated monitoring went beyond basic compliance to help Affinity achieve meaningful security.
  • Automated evidence collection made the SOC 2 audit a smooth and painless process — for both Affinity and their auditor.
  • The Vanta team was an invaluable resource for navigating the compliance landscape — and the product keeps getting better.

We appreciate that Vanta's automated evidence collection and monitoring facilitates communication between us and our SOC 2 auditor, making the SOC 2 audit a smooth, painless process for everyone involved.

Adam Perelman
CTO | Affinity

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Everything you need to get compliance audit ready, fast.

Vanta automates security compliance.
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