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Command E locks in end-to-end security for a seamless SOC 2 and compliance beyond the audit


Command E


San Francisco


Computer Software


SOC 2, Security Monitoring



Command E provides blazing fast search for everything in a person’s cloud and on their computer.

The Challenge

Command E wanted to provide their customers with critical security assurance in a clear and definitive way, so they decided to take on their first SOC 2. While achieving that shorter term milestone, the team also planned to build a suitable long-term security and compliance plan. 

With both the near-term and the long-term in mind, Command E sought a strong end-to-end solution that would position the company to stay on top of security and compliance not just for the audit period, but on an ongoing basis going forward.

The Solution

Command E found the answer to its security and compliance search in Vanta. Working with Vanta and The Cadence Group, one of Vanta’s stellar audit partners, Command E’s SOC 2 unfolded seamlessly. Command E’s auditors were responsive and easily able to help unblock any sticking points along the way, while giving them best practices from working for companies at Command E’s stage. Additionally, the team was able to supply Command E with insights as to how the company’s security needs might evolve over time.


The Impact

Securing their SOC 2 with Vanta and implementing ongoing compliance monitoring positioned Command E for results right out of the gate. Command E saw their SOC 2 security assurance opening doors at larger companies, gaining users at large fintechs sooner than they anticipated. Their SOC 2 helped minimize friction, smoothing the way for users to gain internal product-team permissions.

3 reasons Command E recommends Vanta: 

  • Great guidance: Clear expectations, education, and guidelines for SOC 2 first-timers
  • Great tooling: The dashboard, ongoing monitoring, and template materials helped Command E quickly level up in areas where they were newly establishing policies
  • Great partners: Vanta and The Cadence Group resolved any questions promptly

The combination of the Vanta platform and an auditor who'd worked with a lot of other startups, who had familiarity with best practices and the tools and platforms we leverage, made our audit feel much more painless than we'd heard SOC 2 could be.

Tom Uebel
Co-Founder & CEO | Command E

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