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ISO 27001



Heizenrader is a mixed reality education platform where you can design and build your own curriculum, organize courses and lessons, and easily distribute it anywhere in the world for VR, mobile, tablet, and desktop devices

The Challenge

Heizenrader was spending hours on due diligence with their largest customer every time a new project would come up. This process was time consuming and extremely costly. Heizenrader also wanted to protect their education platform and the users accessing it.

The Solution

ISO 27001 aligned with how Heizenrader wanted to implement a security framework and satisfy the security expectations of their global customers. After vetting multiple vendors, Vanta’s automation and industry expertise made them the clear winner to partner with. Throughout the audit, Heizenrader was able to share Vanta’s customized reports with stakeholders to disclose the right information and where they were at in the process. Vanta provides a living and breathing software platform to manage compliance and update record keeping as needed.


The Impact

The time spent on due diligence for each new project has been reduced from five steps to a one step process. The combined ISO 27001 certification and continuous monitoring with Vanta has unlocked a new pool of customers as Heizenrader has the confidence to approach bigger clients and explore government contracts. Heizenrader views Vanta as a valuable investment to win larger contracts and more business into the future.

ISO 27001

The automation and continuous monitoring is what sets Vanta apart. Even if you had a team of 10 compliance people, you might not identify the gaps that Vanta does.

David Greco
Partner, Chief Technology Officer | Heizenrader

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